Gregory the Great Elected Pope

3 September 590

Pope Gregory I (Latin: Gregorius I, circa 540 - 12 March 604), better known as Gregory the Great, was pope from 3 September 590 until his death, after which he was canonized by popular acclaim. Saint Gregory is the patron of musicians, singers, students, and teachers.

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    Saint Gregory. Lettre de Saint Gregoire, French,1150-1200, fol.1 verso.


    Gregory the Great dictating to his scribe Peter. From the Moralium of Saint Gregory.French,12th


    The fathers of the church in the spandrels of the cupola: Saint Gregory; baptistery, San Marco.


    Scenes from the Life of Pope Gregory the Great. Upper register:Gregory visits the construction site of an abbey.Lower register:Gregory exorcising a demon. From Vincent de Beauvais:Miroir Historial,French,15th Ms 722/1196 fol.8 verso.

    15-03-04/ 9

    Scenes from the Life of Pope Gregory.Initial "A". From Vincent de Beauvais:Miroir Historial,French,15th. Ms 722/1196 fol.10 verso.


    Saint Gregory and three scribes Ivory. From Metz,around 968-980 CE Germany 20.5 x 12.5 cm Inv.8399


    The plague in Germany during the 6th century. From "Le miroir historial" by Vincent Beauvais, France,15th,Ms.722/1196,fol.4.Top:monsters of the plague fly over a German town;below:Pope Gregory.


    The Mass of Saint Gregory. Dated 1511. Woodcut, 298 x 207mm. (monogrammed)


    The Mass of Saint Gregory. Illustration to Sebastian Brant: In laude(m) gloriose virginis Marie multoru(m) q(ue) sanctoru(m): varij generis carmina. Printed by Johann Bergmann, Basel, around 1494. Woodcut, 75 x 47mm.


    Saint Gregory Wood; 76 x 60cm Cat. 1329


    Saint Clara between priests and churchfathers (Saint Ambrosius, Saint Augustine, Pope Gregory I, Saint Thomas Aquinus, Saint Jerome, Saint Norbert of Xanten) Cat. 1695 Saint Ambrosius Dec.7th Saint Augustine August 28th Saint Thomas Aquinus December 21st Saint Jerome Sept.30 Saint Norbert of Xanten June 6th

    39-19-04/ 5

    La Vierge et l'Enfant entre saint Jérome et saint Grégoire le grand. Around 1502-1508. Wood, 59cm x 41cm. M.I. 574


    Hieronymusaltar,detail,1511. Fathers of the Church: (inner panels,left,inside):Saints Ambrose,Gregory and Augustinus. Oakwood, 144 x 75,5 cm Inv. 867 Saint Ambrose Dec.7th Saint Gregory March 12th Augustinus August 28th


    Pope Gregory I and Saint Vitalis intercede with the Madonna for the souls in purgatory, 1730/31 Canvas, 94 x 66 cm Inv. 6358

    40-08-10/ 5