Fall of Beaucaire during the Albigensian Crusade

24 August 1216

During the Albigensian Crusade in May of 1216, Raymond VII of Toulouse set out from Marseille and besieged the city of Beaucaire, the last redoubt of the Cathars. Beaucaire was captured on 24 August 1216.

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    Siege of Toulouse Detail of the Sarcophagus of Simon de Montfort (who died during the crusade against the Cathars)


    Seal of Raymond VII, count of Toulouse (1197-1249) He was excommunicated by Pope Honorius VIII for his support of the Cathars, but under pressure from the Pope, he became their worst enemy.


    Burning of a group of vagabonds accused of heresy, Paris, 1372. MS 677, folio 103 verso

    15-02-03/ 9

    The last redoubt of the heretic Cathars, Montsegure. near the town of Beaucaire, Languedoc, France.The Cathars were the first Christians against whom the Pope called for a Cruisade. They were besieged by 10.000 crusaders and the fortress finally fell on March 15th 1244. None o the Cathars renounced their faith, all died at the stake. Montsegure was taken by Raymond II of Toullouse, who died later during the cruisades.


    The last redoubt of the heretic Cathars, near the town of Beaucaire, Languedoc,France. The Cathars were besieged and annihilated in 1244 by Raymond VII of Toulouse and Simon de Beaufort, who later died during the Crusades.