Start of the Novara Expedition

30 April 1857

The Novara Expedition was the first large-scale scientific, around-the-world mission of the Austrian Imperial war navy. Authorized by Archduke Maximillian, the journey lasted two years and three months, from 30 April 1857 until 30 August 1859. Abord the frigate Novara were 345 officers and crew as well as seven scientists. The scientific investigations of the Novara Expedition created the bases for future geological, botanical and zoological research.

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    The Austrian frigate "Novara" at sea.The "Novara" sailed around the world in 1857-59.


    The Austrian frigate "Novara" sailed around the world in 1857-59.On April 15th the ship reached Singapore. The Tjintak Kjong Temple.


    The Austrian frigate "Novara" sailed around the world in 1857-59.On october 17th 1858 the ship reached the Stuarts Islands.