Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi

4 October 1226

Saint Francis of Assisi (born as Giovanni Francesco di Bernardone, 1181/1182- 3 October 1226) was a Catholic deacon and preacher. He was the founder of the Order of Friars Minor, commonly known as the Franciscans. He is known as the patron saint of animals, the environment and one of the two patrons of Italy. It is customary for Catholic churches to hold ceremonies blessing animals on his feast day of 4 October.

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    Antiphonary in note 7 (H),a book which contains the chants to be sung by the choir during mass. Initial "F" of Francisci,Saint Francis blesses Saint Clara.Latin manuscript,Gothic writing,second half 14th. Parchment,56 x 38 cm.


    Antiphonary in note 7 (H),a book which contains the chants to be sung by the choir during mass. Initial "F" of Francisci,Saint Francis blesses Saint Clara.Close-up.Latin manuscript,Gothic writing, second half 14th.Parchment,56 x 38 cm.


    Gradual in note 11 (V),a score for music to be sung at the steps (gradus) of the altar,after the epistle. Initial "G: of Gaudeant;Saint Francis with the cross. Latin manuscript,Gothic writing,second half 17th. Parchment,53 x 37 cm


    Single illustration from a lost codex of the second half 17th.Saint Francis of Assisi. Parchment,51 x 41 cm


    The Adoration of the Magi (top) and Saint Francis Assisi receiving the stigmata, window in the Franciscan Church in Erfurt, Germany. Around 1235


    Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata. Around 1503/04. Woodcut, 210 x 144mm. (monogrammed)


    The Stigmatisation of Saint Francis. Illustration to Andachtsbuch mit Sonntagsevangelien - Prayer book with Sunday Gospels (Postillia). Printed by Hieronymus Höltzel (?), Nuremberg, after 1510 (?). Woodcut, around 63 x 50mm.


    Saint Francis of Assisi before the sultan, Around 1296.

    39-15-06/ 2

    Madonna enthroned with child, surrounded by Saint Anthony Abbas, Saint John Baptist, Saint Francis Assisi and the Archangel Michael. In the predella the stories of the saints. 1411. Wood, 326 x 271. Saint's day: 2 May - St. Anthony Abbas Saint's day: 4 October - St. Francis Assisi Saint's day: 24 June - St. John Baptist

    39-15-06/ 6

    Crucifixion with Saints Francis of Assisi and Bernardino of Siena, 1497. Wood , 225 x 165 cm


    Pale di Castelfranco; Madonna and child enthroned with Saints Liberale and San Francis of Assissi.


    Madonna and child enthroned, with Saint Francis Assisi and Saint Clara, in the foreground Saint Procul and Saint Louis, King France. Canvas, 230 x 170 cm


    Madonna and child with Saints Francis Assisi and Petrus Martyr, a Doinican from Verona, sent to Lombardy as Pope Gregor IX's Inquisitor. Because of the zeal with which he carried out his duties, he was murdered at Easter 1252. He was sainted the year after his death. 1590 Canvas, 228 x 136 cm


    Saint Francis Assisi in meditation. Around 1630-1631. Canvas, 193, x 128,5 cm INV.533


    Madonna with Saint Francis and angels. From the lower church of Saint Francis in Assisi.

    39-15-08/ 1

    Madonna and Saints Jerome and Francis of Assisi.


    La Sainte famille avec les saints Francois, Antoine, Madeleine, Jean Baptiste et Élisabeth - The Holy Family with Saint Francis, Saint Anthony, Mary Magdalen, John Baptist and Elisabeth, mother of John Baptist Canvas; 1,55 x 2,02 m Inv. 119

    39-15-09/ 3

    Center:Madonna and child; left: Saints Francis of Assisi and John Baptist; right: Saints John Evangelist and Anthony of Padova. Wood, center: 100 x 60,5 cm, side panels:83,3 x 53,1 MI 396, MI 396bis and ter.

    39-15-10/ 4

    Retable de la deploration du Christ. Lunette: la stigmatisation de Saint Francois. Wood, 75 x 146 cm INV 1996 See also 39-19-01/8,10

    39-19-01/ 9

    Saint François d'Assise en extase se voit réconforté par des anges après sa stigmatisation. Around 1620-1624. Canvas, 236cm x 161cm. INV. 1976


    Saint Francois d'Assise en oraison devant un crucifix - Saint Francis of Assisi in prayer before a crucifix. Around 1630-1650. Canvas, 18cm x 14cm INV. 8


    The extasy of Saint Francis. 10035115


    Saint François d'Assise recevant les stigmates - Saint Francis of Assisi receiving the stigmata. Around 1295-1300. Detail of 40-08-04/29. Wood, goldleaf, overall size 313 x 163cm. Inv. 309


    Saint Francis of Assisi, around 1627-1632. Canvas,123 x 106 cm Cat.1478


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