Death of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

20 August 1153

Saint Bernard (1090-1153) was a French abbot and and the founder of the abbey of Clairvaux.

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    Les Heures d'Etienne Chavalier:Top:St.Bernard praying with his monks.Bottom:Saint Bernard tempted by,around 1445.


    Saint Bernard,Abbot of Clairvaux,from:Heures d'Etienne Chevalier,,around 1445. Bottom scene shows Saint Bernard tempted by Satan.


    Grand Scriptorium of the Abbey of Fontenay, Burgundy, France. The Cistertian Abbey was founded in 1118 by Bernhard of Clairvaux.


    Comb of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Figures of Saints in relief: John Baptist, Saint Catherine, Saint Peter, Saint Paul. Ivory (2nd half 12th) Parisian work

    30-01-05/ 7

    Saints Benito and Bernardo of Clairvaux.


    Virgin and child with Saint Bernard of Clairvaux.In the background the Abbey of Cluny. Wood,29 x 29 cm R.F.2230


    Saint Bernard of Siena. Canvas

    40-06-05/ 9

    Christ embracing Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Canvas,158 x 113 cm Cat.2804


    Scene from the life of Saint Bernard of Siena. In the center a small Renaissance altar in the form of a temple. Tempera on wood, 28 x 193 cm Inv. 1602


    A sermon of Saint Bernard of Siena. Part of a predella painted for the Oratorio of San Bernardino, Siena. See also 40-08-06/16-17 Wood, 32,5 x 51,1 cm R.F. 1966-1


    La Vierge et l'enfant entoures d'anges, de sainte Marie-Madeleine et de saint Bernard - Madonna and child among angels, Saint Magdalen and Saint Bernard. Wood,188 x 177 cm INV. 590


    The end of the schism of Anaclet. The anti-Pope Anaclet II kneeling before Pope Innocent II and Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Canvas, before 1700.


    The arrival of Saint Bernard in the monastery of Citeaux. Canvas, before 1700


    Virgin and Child with Saints John Baptist,Bernardine of Siena,Jerome,Francis of Assissi,Peter Martyr,John Evangelist;Federico da Montefeltro kneeling.From the church of San Bernardino in Urbino,built to house Federico's tomb.Tempera and oil on panel,251x172 cm.


    The Camerino triptych: Virgin and Child,center; Saints Peter and Dominic,left;Saint Peter Martyr and Saint Venantius,right.From the church of San Domenico in Camerino. Tempera, 190 x 78 cm;170x 60 cm. Pater June 29th; Dominic August 4th

    40-08-13/ 7

    Saint Bernard exorcising an evil spirit. Panel from the Altar of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Zwettl Monastery, Austria. Tempera on wood (1500) 74 x 74 cm


    Death of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux. Panel from the Altar of Saint Bernard, Zwettl Monastery, Austria. Tempera on wood (1500) 74 x 74 cm


    Scene from Saint Bernardino's life. Detail. Tempera on wood Total size: 28 x 193 cm Inv. 1602


    Scene from Saint Bernardino's life. Tempera on wood 28 x 193 cm Inv. 1602


    A "farinier", a granary of Cluny Abbey. The Abbey was founded in 910 and, in the 10th century, became a center of monastic reform. It was partly demolished during and after the French Revolution.