Death of Henri Rousseau

2 September 1910

Henri Julien Félix Rousseau (born on May 21 1844, died on September 2 1910) was a French Post-Impressionist painter in the Naive or Primitive manner. He was also known as Le Douanier (the customs officer) after his place of employment. Ridiculed during his life, he came to be recognized as a self-taught genius whose works are of high artistic quality.

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    Alleyway in the Park of Saint-Cloud, 1908. Oil on canvas, 20th century.


    Still life.


    Landscape with bull. Canvas, 50 x 65 cm


    A walk in the woods, 1886-90. Canvas


    La Muse inspirant le poet (Marie Laurencin et Guillaume Apollinaire) - The Muse inspires the poet, 1909 Canvas


    La Chevauchee de la Discorde ou la Guerre. Oil on canvas RF 1946-1


    La Noce - The Wedding. Oil on canvas


    Portrait de Mme M. Oil on canvas 198 x 115 cm R.F. 1965-15


    "Moi-meme". Self-portrait/landscape Oil on canvas (1890) 146 x 113 cm


    La charmeuse des serpents - the snake-charmer. Oil on canvas (1907) 169 x 189.5 cm R.F. 1937-7


    Orage tropique avec un tigre - Tiger in a tropical storm,1891. Canvas,129,8 x 161,9 cm NG 6421


    Le navire dans la tempete, after 1896 Canvas, 54 x 65 cm RF 1960-27


    La carriole du Pere Junier, 1908 Canvas, 97 x 129 cm RF 1960-26


    At the National Gallery in Prague,a couple admires the self-portrait of 1890 by Henri Rousseau le Douanier. Prague,1956