Siege of Jerusalem during the First Crusade

7 June 1099

Crusaders in chain mail go to war. Bishops lead soldiers in armour during the invasion of the Holy Land. Early 14th. ID: Eg 1500,fol. 46

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    Crusaders in chainmail armour go to war. Bishops lead soldiers in armour during the invasion of Palestine. Early 14th. ID: Eg 1500,fol. 46


    Peter the Hermit shows the crusaders the way to Jerusalem during the first crusade. From the manuscript "Roman du Chevalier du Cygne". Peter the Hermit (died 1131) was a priest of Amiens, and a leader of the First Crusade. According to Anna Comnena, he attempted to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem before 1096, but was prevented by the Turks from reaching his destination. Illuminated manuscript on parchment; about 1270 Ms 3139 fol. 176v


    Siege of Jerusalem. Codex Justinianus; Institutes, descriptio terrae sanctae. Italien


    Jerusalem seen from Mount Josaphat. 1825 Canvas RF 4491


    The Dome of the Rock was built during the Omayyad Caliphate on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The arcade in front of the Dome of the Rock is called "The Scales" In Muslim tradition this is where the scales for the weighing of souls will hang on Judgement-Day.


    The siege of Antioch (1197-98) Vincent de Beauvais,"Le Miroir Historial" Ms.722/1196,folio 182 recto. French,15th.

    32-01-03/ 8

    The siege of Antioch (1197-98).From the "Estoire d'Outremer",by William of Tyre (around 1130-1185) French,around 1280.Ms.828,folio 33 recto.

    32-01-03/ 3

    Tancred de Hauteville captures the city of Tarsus. From the "Roman de Godefroi de Bouillon", 1337., fol.32 verso.


    Tomb of Bohemund,a Norman prince who died in Antiochia during the First Crusade (1111).