Birthday of Emperor Constantine the Great

27 February 272 CE

Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus (27 February 272 - 22 May 337), better known as Constantine I, Constantine the Great, or Saint Constantine was a Roman Emperor who ruled from 306 to 337. He was the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity. His Edict of Milan in 313 proclaimed religious tolerance in the Roman Empire, putting an end to the persecutions of Christians. Contantin transformed the ancient Greek colony of Byzantium into the new imperial residence of Constantinople.

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    Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337 CE). Marble hand, fragment of a colossal statue (overall height 12 m) (bronze garment and armour, body marble) from the basilica of Constantine in Rome.


    Pendant with coin in centre,with portrait of Emperor Constantine I (280-337) Gold, 9,2 cm Early 4th Bj 2280


    Emperor Constantine the Great (306-337 CE). Marble head, fragment of a colossal statue (overall height 12 m) from the Basilica of Constantine in Rome,now in the courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori,Rome.


    Byzantine Emperor Constantine (280-337) on horseback, medal made for the Duc de Berry,around 1410. Obverse side 40-01-04/39 MK 292


    Gold medallion showing Constantine the Great (306-337) striking enemies. Constantine adopted Christianity as the official state religion.Inscription "GLORIA CONSTANTINI AUG." CM RO244 (PCR 1302)


    The legend of Emperor Constantine the Great from the choir screen of Cologne Cathedral:Disputation of Pope Sylvester with the jews;Constantine crowns Sylvester with the papal tiara; The baptism of Emperor Constantine. See also 40-03-07/5,6

    40-03-07/ 7

    Portrait of Constanza, daughter of Emperor Constantine the Great (272-337), including grape harvesting putti. Roman mosaic from the ambulatory vault of Santa Constanza, the mausoleum of Constantine's daughter, Constanza; 4th century CE


    Crucifixion. Emperor Constantine the Great and his wife Saint Helena at the foot of the Cross. Central part of the triptych (6th-10th)


    "Palastaula", a Roman Imperial building constructed under Emperor Constantine the Great (reigned 306-337). The hall is 84 m long, 28 m wide and 33 m high.