The Great Fire of London

2 September 1666

The great fire of London in September 1666. Canvas; 17th century.

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    The great fire of London in September 1666. Canvas; 17th century.


    The ancient city of Ashdod, Israel. Black line are ashes from the destruction by fire (City conquered by Assyrian King Sargon II in 710 BCE)


    Heracles kills the eagle which tears at Prometheus' liver. Zeus punished Prometheus for bringing the gods' fire to mankind. Cist, engraved bronze (5th BCE), from Palestrina. Br 1667


    Tantalus in the underworld. Monumental southern Italian Greek vase (330 BCE) from Canossa in Apulia, Italy.


    'The Ruins of the Pantheon in Oxford Street after the Disasterous Fire of 14 January 1792', (1792). The Pantheon stood on the site of the present Marks & Spencer store on Oxford Street. Designed by James Wyatt and built between June 1769 and January 1772 it became London's most fashionable entertainment venue for exhibitions, masquerades and concerts. Canvas, 18th century.


    A Disaster at Sea ? circa 1835 This canvas was never exhibited and is probably not quite finished, but it seems to be well on the way to becoming one of Turner's most powerful statements on the Romantic theme of maritime disaster. Its pyramidal composition leaves little doubt that Turner had seen Gericault's Raft of the Medusa (now in the Louvre, in Paris) when it was exhibited in London in 1822. Turner's own subject is the wreck of the Amphitrite off Boulogne in 1833 . The ship's captain abandoned his cargo of female convicts, claiming that he was only authorised to land them in New South Wales. Canvas; 1714 x 2203 mm frame: 2190 x 2685 x 173 mm N00558


    Incendie dans un village. Wood, 38cm x 32cm. R.F. 2884


    Fire in the town of Hayn. 10014232


    The conquest of Ardres. 10014223


    Brussels on fire, with the governor Archduke Leopold Wilhelm watching. Oil on canvas 42 x 58 cm Cat. 207, Inv. 1720


    Giants trying to storm Olympos are crushed by falling rocks. Detail from the Hall of the Giants, Palazzo del Te, built 1525-1535 after designs by Giulio Romano as a summer residence for Duke Federico II Gonzaga.


    Fire on board the steamer "Austria". Oil on canvas

    40-11-03/ 9

    The torches of Nero. Oil on canvas (1876) 385 x 704 cm Inv. MNK IIa-1