Death of Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio)

6 April 1520

La Vierge et l'Enfant avec le petit saint Jean-Baptiste, dite La Belle Jardiniere. Oil on wood (1507) 122 x 80 cm Inv. 602

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    La Vierge et l'Enfant avec le petit saint Jean-Baptiste, dite La Belle Jardiniere - Madonna, the infant Jesus and Saint John Baptist. Oil on wood (1507) 122 x 80 cm Inv. 602


    Madonna of the meadow with the infant Jesus and St.John Baptist. Oil on poplar wood (1505) 113 x 88.5 cm Inv. 175


    Madonna Sistina, painted for Pope Julius II as his present to the city of Piazenza, Italy. The church at Piazenza was dedicated to the sainted Pope Sixtus (left), on the right Saint Barbara. 1513–1514 Oil on canvas, 265 cm × 196 cm Inv. 93


    Pope Julius II Rovere (1503-1513). Oil on wood, 107 x 80 cm, 1511 Inv. 1450


    Pope Leo X Medici (1475-1521) with cardinals Giulio de Medici (later Pope Clement VII 1478-1534), and Luigi de Rossi, 1517 Oil on wood 154 x 119 cm Inv. Galleria Palatina 40


    Count Baldassare Castiglione, author of "Il Cortegiano", the book about the perfect courtier. Oil on canvas (1514-1515) 82 x 67 cm Inv. 611


    Saint John Baptist in the desert, showing the tree which will be used for the cross of the passion. Canvas Inv. RF 606


    The archangel Michael slaying the demon, 1518 A gift from Lorenzo Medici, ambassador to the French court, to King Francois I. Canvas, 268 x 160 cm INV. 610


    La Vierge au diademe bleu - The Virgin with the blue coronet. Wood, 68 x 48,7 cm INV. 603


    Christ falls on the way to Calvary.Painted for the church Santa Maria dello Spasimo in Palermo,Sicily, it was bought,in 1661,by Spanish King Philip IV and even then considered "the costliest gem in the world" Wood transferred to canvas,318 x 229 cm Cat.298

    40-08-14/ 9

    The Visitation - Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth. In the landscape in the background the river Jordan with the Baptism of Christ;above, God the Father with angels.Around 1519. Wood transferred to canvas,200 x 145 cm Cat.300


    Elisabetta Gonzaga (1471-1526),wife of Guidobaldo Montrefelto of Urbino and central figure of "Il libro del Cortegiano" by Baldassare Castiglione,painted 1504. Wood, 52,5 x 37,3 cm Inv.1441


    Madonna "della Seggiola" 1513-1514 Tondo,wood,71 cm across. Inv.151


    The vision of the prophet Ezekiel, 1518 Wood,40 x 30 cm Inv 174