Birthday of Composer Franz Schubert

31 January 1797

Franz Schubert (31 January 1797 - 19 November 1828) was an Austrian composer of the Romantic period. Despite his relatively short life, he was extremely prolific. Schubert wrote about 600 'Lieder' (romantic art songs, setting German poems), nine symphonies and various other compositions like operas, chamber and solo piano music. His work was rediscovered and championed during the 19th century by composers like Franz Liszt. Schubert remains one of the most frequently performed composers.

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    View of Atzenbrugg in Lower Austria. Franz Schubert and his friends would frequently spend time at Castle Atzenbrugg. Watercolour; 19th century.

    03-08-05/ 4

    House in Vienna's Kettenbrueckengasse, where Franz Schubert died aged 31 on November 19th, 1828. Watercolour; 19th century.

    03-08-05/ 5

    Franz Schubert (1797-1828) Watercolour 1825

    25-01-02/ 2

    Stadtkonvikt in Vienna, the monastery-school where Schubert lived while a choir boy. Drawing by Franz Gerasch.

    25-01-02/ 5

    Church of Liechtenthal, a former suburb of Vienna, where Schubert was born on January 31,1797. Schubert attended mass at this church since he was a child. For the church's centenary Schubert wrote his first mass in July 1804, the Mass in F, D 105.

    25-01-02/ 6

    Therese Grob, Franz Schubert's first love. She sang the soprano parts in Liechtental Church and also sang in Schubert's first mass of 1804. Oil on canvas by Heinrich Hallpein.

    25-01-02/ 9

    Inner courtyard of the house where Franz Schubert was born in Vienna's 9th district, Nussdorferstrasse. Schubert's birthplace is now the Schubert Museum.


    Franz Schubert's eyeglasses on the manuscript of the song "Gretchen am Spinnrad", written for Therese Grob (Portrait 25-01-02/9).


    Franz Schubert's room (1821) in Wipplingerstrasse, Vienna. Inv. 49.296


    Zseliz Manor, Zeliezovce, Slovakia. In the summer of 1818, Franz Schubert was employed here as a music teacher by Johann Karl Count Esterhazy.


    Franz von Schober, actor and poet, a close friend of Franz Schubert and one of the group which called itself the "Schubertianer". Oil (1822)


    Franz Schubert, Franz Lachner and the poet Eduard von Bauernfeld sampling the new wine in Grinzing, Vienna. From the "Lachnerrolle" a 12 m long strip with scenes from Lachner's life, including many scenes with Schubert.


    Courtyard of the "Haus zum goldenen Mondschein" (House to the golden moonlight) near Karlskirche, Vienna, where Schwind lived. For some time, Schubert rented a room in an ale-house next door.


    "Johann Michael Vogl and Franz Schubert marching to battle and victory". Michael Vogl was a tenor who peerformed many of Schubert's songs. Caricature, pencil


    Castle Orth on the moonlit Traunsee-Lake near Gmunden where Franz Schubert spent two summers in the company of tenor Johann Michael Vogl. Upper Austria


    An inn in Grinzing, since Schubert's time almost unchanged. Now a part of Vienna, Grinzing was a village in the early 19th century, where Beethoven used to spend his summers and Schubert met his friends in the local taverns.


    Outing of the "Schubertianer", Schubert's circle of friends. They are seen driving through the Lower Austrian countryside between Atzenbrugg and Aumuehl. Watercolour (1820)


    "Adam and Eve and the Fall",a charade played by the "Schubertians",the group of friends around Schubert, in Atzenbruck Castle near Vienna,1821. Inv. 18.752


    An evening at Baron Spaun's, Schubert at the piano, tenor Johann Michael Vogl next to him.Watercolour sketch. See also 25-01-02/35


    Manuscript of "Die Taubenpost" (Pigeons' Mail), the last of Schubert's Lieder, and some of his last minuets in his brother's apartment on Kettenbrueckengasse, Vienna, where Schubert died at the age of 31. (1828)


    The room in which Franz Schubert died, at the age of 32, in his brother's apartment on Kettenbrueckengasse, Vienna.


    Schubert at the piano. Oil on canvas (1899) Destroyed during World War II Photograph of a reproduction. 150 x 45.5 cm