Freemasonry - Masonic Affiliation of Friedrich II

15 August 1738

Master's apron, leather, embroidered. Masonic symbols include a pair of compasses and a T-square.

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    Frederick the Great's study and chair in which he died in 1786, at Sanssouci Palace (1745-1747) built by his order near his residence in Potsdam, as a country seat atop sheltered terraces for vine and fig trees.

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    Sanssouci Palace. Built 1745-1748 for King Frederic II. The country seat stands atop landscaped terraces which shelter vine and fig trees. Overall view with terraces and outside staircase.

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    Portrait of King Friedrich II of Prussia 24.1.1712-17.8. 1786), 1753. The King wears the Order of the Black Eagle, created in 1701 by Friedrich I, the King's grandfather.

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    Joseph von Sonnenfels (1732-1817),professor of political science at the University of Vienna, freemason;convinced Empress Maria Theresia to abolish torture. Engraving after the portrait by Lampi,around 1800.

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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1789). Oil on canvas. Last portrait (unfinished), by Mozart's brother-in-law, actor and painter Joseph Lange. 34.6 x 29.7 cm


    Ignaz von Born, friend and patron of W.A. Mozart, master of the Freemasons' lodge "Zur gekroenten Hoffnung".Born is said to be the model for Highpriest Sarastro in Mozart's "Magic Flute". Oil on canvas


    Reception at a Freemasons' lodge in Vienna (ca. 1784). In the foreground (seated, in profile) Prince Nikolaus I. Esterhazy, on the bench on the right side probably Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Mozart became a Freemason in 1784. Canvas by Andreas Unterberger (?)


    Joseph Haydn (1732-1809). Oil on canvas, dated 1791.


    Concert Hall where many of Haydn's symphonies and operas were first performed. Joseph Haydn was music master at the Esterhazy Court.


    Scene from the "Magic Flute", by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Probably a realistic record of the Vienna Frei- haustheater production of 1791.Both Mozart and writer Schikaneder were Freemasons and the trials of Papageno and Tamino are reminiscent of a mason's initiation.


    Mozart's "Magic Flute" at the Vienna Opera. Gottlob Frick (center) as Sarastro.


    House in Wolfenbuettel, Germany, where the poet Gotthold Ephraim Lessing lived from 1777-1781. This is where he wrote his play "Nathan the Wise", the first play in European literature to feature a "good" Jew as the main character.


    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) was US-Ambassador to France from 1776 to 1785. A letter to Mme. Helvetius, widow of the philosopher Claude-Adrien Helvetius, who had been Master of the Lodge "Aux Neuf Soeurs", concerning the reception of Voltaire into the lodge.


    The Grand Master's Chair of the Grand Orient de France. It was made for and used by Philippe d'Orleans, Duc de Chartres (later Philippe Egalite) who was Grand Master from 1771 to 1793 when he abdicated. He died under the guillotine in 1793.


    Moses Mendelssohn, German philosopher. Oil on canvas (1771) 65 x 35 cm

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    Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, German poet. Oil on canvas on wood (1771) 56.6 x 47.5 cm

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    Bust of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Carrara marble (1821) Height 57 cm

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    "Guckkasten",scale model of a stage,showing the meeting of a Freemasons' lodge,around 1750. Freemasons meet around a celestial globe, an allegory for their universal activities for the advancement of mankind.


    A collection of masonic symbols "Dedicated to the ancient and honourable fraternity of Free Masons" London,19th


    Master's apron,leather,embroidered.Masonic symbols include a pair of compasses and a T-square.


    Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790),statesman and ambassador of the USA to France, co-wrote the Declaration of Independence together with President Jefferson; master of the Freemason's lodge to the Nine Sisters in Paris.One of his major publications was an anti-slavery treatise (1789) Terracotta

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    Voltaire,after 1718. Canvas