French Revolution of 1848

14 February 1848

The French Revolution of 1848 was one of many revolutions in Europe at that time. The events of the revolution in France ended the orleans monarchy and led to the creation of the French Second Republic. The February revolution established the principle of the "right to work" (french: "droit au tavail").

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    Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Baudin (1811-1851) on the barricades in Saint-Antoine near Paris after the Coup d'tat of 2 December 1851. Canvas; 19th century.


    Political meeting in Trier, Germany, (birthplace of Karl Marx). Canvas; 1848.


    Revolution of 1848: the revolutionaries try to storm the Palais Royal; because of the fierce resistance of the garrison, they set fire to the palace water tower. Many defenders die asphyxiated; the others surrender. Canvas, 59,5 x 73 cm


    Revolution of 1848: The poet Alphonse de Lamartine rejects the red flag of the extreme left; the blue- white-red Tricolore becomes the national flag of the Second Republic. Oil, 298 x 580 cm


    Proclamation of the Second French Republic on the Place de la Concorde,February 14,1848. Canvas


    Cocarde (cockade) of the year 1848 with the slogan of the Revolution of 1789:"Liberte,Egalite,Fraternite".


    Celebration of the Concorde of May 21,1848. Canvas.


    The barricade of 1848,also called The wounded revolutionary. Canvas


    Barricade in the rue Culture-Sainte-Catherine, August 23 1848.


    Louis Philippe of France leaves the Tuileries Palace in 1848. Coloured Etching.


    La barricade rue de la Mortellerie,juin 1848 - Brricade in the Mortellerie,Paris,June 1848. Painted 1850/51 Canvas,29 x 22 cm R.F.1942-31