Albert Einstein

30 August 1905

Total solar eclipse 1905

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    Room where Albert Einstein lived and completed his Theory of Relativity in Berne,Switzerland. His favorite pass-time was playing Mozart's music on the violin.


    Albert Einstein's desk in the patent-office where he prepared his Theory of Relativity. Bern, Switzerland


    Photograph of the eclipse of the sun in 1905. Picture taken at the Munich observatory shows Mercury next to the Sun instead of being hidden by the sun, proof of Einstein's Theory of Relativity.


    Interior of an atomic reactor, the glow of the "Tscherenkov blue", and Albert Einstein's formula E=mc 2.


    In a Wilson Chamber, plutonium alpha particles are given off as the air is saturated under extremes of hot and cold. This experiment proves that energy is loss of matter.


    Experiment conducted in a train to determine one of the Theories of Relativity which concerns direct uniform motion.


    Einstein's theory of Relativity: there is no absolute time. Time is a function of the movement of planets. No interval of time is independent of the system to which it is referred. A clock attached to any moving system runs at a different time from a stationary clock


    Clock illustrating Albert Einstein's theory of the speed of light and relativity. Theory says that time is relative, the only absolute is the speed of light.


    Reconstruction of the original Moessbauer experiment used to prove Albert Einstein's theory that time is relative.


    First laser built in the U.S.A. Experiments with this instrument proved Albert Einstein's theory of direct and uniform motion.


    Albert Einstein,1921. Above Wulfart's signature, Einstein wrote: "Gut gemalt in kurzer Frist - das Modell zufrieden ist" (Well painted in a short time - the model is pleased) Drawing and wash.