Marriage of Emperor Napoleon and Marie Louise of Austria

11 March 1810

Napoleon Bonaparte (15 August 1769 - 5 May 1821) married his second wife Marie Louise, Archduchess of Austria (12 December 1791 - 17 December 1847), a great niece of Marie Antoinette on 9 March 1810. Their marriage lasted until Napoleon's death, although Marie Louise didn't join her husband in exile on Elba. The couple's only child was Napoleon Francis Joseph Charles (20 March 1811 - 22 July 1832), Duke of Reichstadt, who reigned as Napoleon II for only two weeks and died of tuberculosis at age 21.

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    Uebergabe der Erzherzogin Marie Louise als Braut Napoleons - Archduchess Marie Louise married per procurationem to Napoleon I,1810. Watercolour,36,4 x52 cm Inv.63.791


    Marie-Louise Habsburg-Lothringen (1791-1847),widow of Napoleon I,Duchess of Parma. Watercolour on cardboard,oval,19,1 x 14,5 cm Inv.56.360


    Emperor Napoleon I (1769-1821). Oil on canvas (about 1808)

    26-03-04/ 6

    The breakfast room of Emperor Napoleon I Bonaparte and Empress Marie-Louise in the Trianon in Versailles. The table is laid with the Empire style Tea-set "Vieux-Paris",property of the Emperor. One of his hats on the couch in the background.


    The music room in Versailles, piano and music sheets of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I.


    Boudoir of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I Bonaparte (1808)


    Bedroom of Marie-Louise, seond wife of Napoleon I. Furniture by Jacob Desmalter; 1809


    The Empress Marie-Louise, in a state robe embroidered with Imperial bees, around 1810. Oil on canvas, 241 x 160 cm Inv. 8682


    Arrival of the Archduchess Marie Louise in the gallery of Chateau Compiegne,March 28,1810.


    On their wedding day,April 2,1810,Napoleon I and Marie Louise enter the Tuileries with due pomp.


    The wedding of Napoleon I and Marie Louise of Habsburg-Lorraine, April 2,1810. Canvas, 185 x 182 cm


    Empress Marie Louise and her son, the King of Rome, (Salon of 1812). Canvas,52 x 45 cm


    Empress Marie Louise and her son, the King of Rome.


    Napoleon I in coronation robes.


    Porcelain ice-pail, French, 1811. This porcelain ice-pail, with its elephant heads, formed part of a gift made on 5 May 1812 to the Emperor Francis I of Austria from his son-in-law Napoleon I. In a small composition by Jean-François Robert, Napoleon himself, with the Empress Marie-Louise, can be seen in the landau carriage in front of the Château of Saint-Cloud.The pail originally had metal liners intended to hold ice-cream, surrounded by crushed ice. The elephant heads suggest something of a Rococo fantasy, but the gilt ground and patterns of matt gilded decoration are firmly in the Empire style, reflecting the splendour and luxury of the Napoleonic court. M&ME, 1985,12-3,1-2


    Napoleon I Bonaparte, Emperor of the French (1769-1821). Phototype from "Allgemeines Historisches Porträtwerk" (historical portraits), a collection of 600 portraits of the most famous persons of all cultures and origins since 1300. Volume one: dukes and popes. Munich, 1884. Verlagsanstalt fuer Kunst und Wissenschaft, vormals Friedrich Bruckmann.


    Entree de Napoleon I et Marie Louise aux Tuileries le jour de leur mariage le 2 Avril 1810. Napoleon and Marie Louise enter the Tuileries on their wedding-day,April 2,1810. Canvas,327 x 496 cm


    Parure (collier, bracelet,diademe et boucles d'oreilles) offerte par Napoleon a Marie Louise en 1810. Set of jewels, necklace, armband, diademe and earrings, which Napoleon I offered to Marie Louise in 1810. Or et micro-mosaiques. OA 11963

    39-15-05/ 9

    L'Imperatrice Marie-Louise assise, 1812 Empress Marie-Louise sitting, Bronze patinee, H:23 cm OA 11366


    Parure de Marie-Louise (collier, boucles d'oreilles), 1810. Gold, emeralds, diamonds. Jewelry sey of Empress Marie-Louise: necklace, earrings. gold, emeralds, diamonds.


    Bas relief,modele pour les bronzes du serre-bijoux de l'Imperatrice Marie-Louise: amours preparant la couche - Model for the jewelry-box of Empress Marie-Louise: putti preparing the bed, around 1809. Detail of 39-15-05/51. Gilded Bronze, H: 26,9 cm OA 11346


    Tea-set of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, 1810. Gilded Silver. OA 9537


    Detail of the tea-set 39-15-05/41: The tea-box with the Aldobrandian Wedding. OA 9537


    Mars and Venus, Rome 1808-1810 The group was sculpted by order of Emperor Franz I to celebrate the wedding of his daughter Marie Louise with Emperor Napoleon I. Marble. PERMISSION TO PUBLISH MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE MUSEUM.


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