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    Your search results for ", , Museum Of Fine Arts (Szepmueveszeti Muzeum) , Budapest, Hungary" (42 images)
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    On the occasion of the Peacetreaty of Nijmegen, 1678, King Louis XIV (center) receives foreign ambassadors. To the right of the King Mme. de Montespan and his ministers Jean-Baptiste Colbert and the Duke of Vivonne Oil on canvas, 70 x 116,5 cm, Inv. 709


    John the Baptist preaching. Oil on wood Inv. 51 2829

    40-02-03/ 2

    El Almuerzo (Peasants at lunch). Detail of 40-07-03/67 Oil on canvas


    Cauldron-support (holmos), Etrusco-geometrical design, dark brown with black paint. Probably by an immigree greek painter (swastica!) Terracotta (6th-1st BCE), from Veji. 25.96 x 21.9 cm - Inv. 81.72 A


    Young Tobias and the Angel. Oil


    Esther and Mordechai. Oil on canvas 93 x 148.5 cm


    Crucifixion. Centrepiece of a triptych. Oil tempera on oakwood 56 x 63 cm


    Crucifixion. Oil on wood 82 x 123 cm Inv. 1038


    Carrying the Cross. Jerusalem with temple and turreted walls. At the head of the cavaliers, on a white horse, Emperor Sigismund accompanied by his army commander Pipo of Ozara and Duke Johann of Bavaria. Around 1530; a contemporary copy of a lost painting by van Eyck, detail. Wood, 97,5 x 129,5 cm Inv.2531

    40-03-01/ 3

    Kentaur in der Dorfschmiede - Centaur at the village smithy,1888 Wood,80 x 100 cm


    Jakob II Fugger,called "The Rich" (1459-1525), merchant and moneylender to Emperor Karl V. The Fugger loan assured Karl the election by the German prince-electors. Painted 1538 Canvas,107,5 x 89 cm Inv.53.449


    The angel opens Christ's Sepulchre. Oakwood, 72 x 89,6 cm


    Fruehlingsabend - Evening in spring,1879 God Pan playing the Pan's pipes;two nymphs. Wood,67,4 x 129,5 cm


    The Immaculate Conception ("Purisima"). Oil on canvas (1661) 136.5 x 102.5 cm Inv. 800


    The Annunciation. Canvas, 91 x 66,5 cm


    Pietro Bembo (1470-1547), later Cardinal, in his youth. Oil on canvas


    Rider on horseback. Bronze sculpture (1489)

    40-07-02/ 9

    Mary Magdalen. Canvas, 156,5 x 121 cm Inv.5640


    Dame en robe rouge, 1898 Embroidered by the artist's wife, Lazarine Boudrion. Wool, 230 x 125 cm Inv. 52.3491


    Le buffet - The sideboard, 1877/79 Canvas,56 x 81 cm


    The apostle Saint Andrew. Oil on canvas 146.7 x 61 cm Inv. 50.749


    The Battle of Ebenezer (I Sam.4:1).Under the prophet Samuel,"Israel went out to Ebenezer to battle the Philistines".To help win the battle,the Israelites sent for the Ark,but the Philistines captured it. Oakwood, 55,8 x 85 cm Inv.308


    Manoah's Sacrifice. Manoach is the father of Simson. During his wife's prgnancy, an angel announces his future son's deeds in the war against the Philistines. Oil


    Saint James' victory over the Moors. Oil on canvas (1660) 231 x 168 cm Inv. 5848


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