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    Your search results for ", , Musee Carnavalet, Paris, France" (144 images)
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    Caricature on the "dancing" Congress of Vienna, from left to right:Talleyrand,Lord Castlereagh,Emperor Franz I.,Tsar Alexander I,Friedrich Wilhelm III, Friedrich August I and a personification of the Republic of Genoa.Colour engraving.


    The Oath of the Jeu de Paume,when the Three Estates refused to disband upon royal orders. June,29,1789. See also 26-03-03/48,40-11-04/53,33-01-04/60, 40-11-22/44.


    The execution of Queen Marie-Antoinette on October 16, 1793, "Place de la Revolution," today Place de la Concorde. Left: Hotel Crillon. Oil on wood


    The Third Estate, the clergy and the nobility shouldering the national debt. French Revolution. Engraving; 1789.


    Caricature:The farmer crushed by "Taille,Impots et Corvee",by tithe,taxation and statute-labour. Coloured engraving.


    The Dauphin taken away from his family,July 3,1793.


    The central hall at the Universal Exhibition, Paris, 1889.


    The execution of Louis XVI.


    France (symbolized by a globe) is carried by the Third Estate with nobility and clergy on either side. The beehive represents the three united orders. French Revolution. Engraving; 1789.


    Moliere as Julius Cesar.


    The First and Second Estate (nobles and clergy) ride on the back of the Third,the peasants. Cartoon 1789.


    The declaration of Human Rights voted by the Assembly on August 20-26,1789. Painting by J.J.Lebarbier.


    Peacock, central panel of the decoration of the shop of jeweller Fouquet, 6,rue Royale,Paris. Bronze, 1901


    Revolution of 1848: the revolutionaries try to storm the Palais Royal; because of the fierce resistance of the garrison, they set fire to the palace water tower. Many defenders die asphyxiated; the others surrender. Canvas, 59,5 x 73 cm


    Louis XVI and his Minister of Finance Jacques Necker, admired by the three estates of France, Aristocracy, Clergy and Bourgeoisie, in a popular painting showing the general trust put into Necker's reforms.


    Rejouissances aux Halles le 21.1.1782 lors des fetes donnes par la Ville de Paris a l'occasion de la naissance du Dauphin - A celebration for the birth of the French heir aparent,21.1.1782. Canvas,115 x 88 cm


    An execution on the "Place de la Revolution", the former Square Louis XV, now Place de la Concorde, Paris. Oil on wood


    Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794)


    The wings of the Opera, 1889. Canvas


    La Chaussée du Pont-Neuf - Carriageway of Pont-Neuf. Canvas; 1777. As one can see it in this painting by Nicolas-Jean-Baptist Raguenet (1715-1793) in 1777, all the small shops disappeared. The pavements, the only ones at that time in Paris, separate the crowds of pedestrians from the traffic of horsecarriages. Raguenet reproduced with painstaking meticulousness this daily life scene of the Pont-Neuf Bridge with the pump house of the Samaritaine (on the right) which used to supply the Louvre and Les Tuileries with water from the Seine River.


    Louis XVI says goodbye to his family,January 20 1793.


    Society ball,1819 Lithograph by Ch.E.P.Motte after Hyppolite Lecomte.


    Procession of the Catholic League on the Place de Greve in Paris. The League founded against the Huguenots by French Catholics under the leadership of the three brothers Guise, later also turned against French Kings Henri III and Henri IV.


    "Declaration of the Rights of Man" (Declaration des Droits de l'Homme) voted by the National Assembly on October 2, 1789. Oil on canvas, Inv. P 889


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