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    Post War - Industries in Europe

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    Austria's "Erzberg",Styria,an open-cast ore-mine.

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    Filling in the empty chambers at the Seegraben-mine in Styria,is done by hydraulic stowing.In this building in the mine-yard,rocks from the mine are broken down and lowered into the mine by conveyor.

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    In Karlsschacht-mine,Styria,Austria,women are employed to pick stones from coal.

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    During the postwar years Austria suffered from a shortage of machine tools,many of which had been re- moved to the Soviet Union as reparations.ECA help provided new machine tools.In the St.Stephan mine in Carinthia holes are blasted with an electric drill.

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    At the St.Stephan-mine in Carinthia props are put up by a miner.Almost all props used in Austria are made of wood.

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    In St.Stephan-mine in Carinthia,Austria,the explosive charge is made ready and put into the fuse.

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    Broken coal is shoveled into the armoured conveyor in Karlsschacht mine,Styria,Austria.

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    After blasting,larger pieces of coal are broken by handpicking at the Karlsschacht-mine,Styria,Austria.

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    Stones are packed tightly into the coaled-out chamber at St.Stephan-mine,Carinthia,Austria.

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    Stones are packed tightly into the coaled-out chamber at St.Stephan-mine,Carinthia,Austria.


    Repair on a roadway at Seegraben-mine in Styria, Austria.Here the roof has sunk in by almost 90 cm and new steel arches had to be put in.


    In the chambers of Karlsschacht-mine,Styria,Austria, holes for blasting are drilled with an electric drill.


    An empty chamber in the Seegraben-mine Austria is fenced in by wire netting and filled with mud. Seegraben coalmines next to Leoben, Austria


    The charge is pushed into the holes drilled into the coal-face at St.Stephan-mine,Carinthia,Austria.








    At the Karlsschacht mine,Styria,Austria,broken coal is transported to the surface plant from a lower dumping ground.


    Coal is sorted through grids at the Karlsschacht-mine in Styria,Austria.


    Shift change at the Orange-Nassau III-mine at Heerlen,Netherlands,1951.

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