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    Knob from an iron sword with gold decorations and carved clay vessels. From a tumulus at Gomadingen, Germany

    07-01-02/ 1

    Chased gold belt with hook from grave 505 Hallstatt, Austria


    Chased gold belt with hook. Detail of 07-01-02/34. From grave 505 Hallstatt, Austria


    Detail of a chased gold belt with hook from a grave at Hallstatt, Austria.


    Bronze jug with spout and gold necklet on a bronze tray from a grave in Appenwihr, Alsace, France.


    Small gold canoe with two oars from the tomb 44/1 on the Duerrnberg, Hallein, Austria. Length: 6.6 cm

    07-02-01/ 2

    Gold bracelet, from Bilje, Macedonia. Height 4.9 cm, length 11.2 cm


    Gold cup and gold-plated iron antenna dagger with scabbard. From the tomb of a prince at Hochdorf near Ludwigsburg, Germany

    07-01-02/ 2

    Gold bracelets and clasps from the tomb of a prince near Ludwigsburg, Germany

    07-01-02/ 3

    1) Gold drinking horn with bronze lining 2) plaited gold chain 3) various ornaments Length of the horn: 15 cm

    07-01-02/ 4

    Gold cup, torques, bracelets, and earrings from tumuli at Stuttgart-Bad Cannstadt. Diameter of the cup: 16.9 cm

    07-01-02/ 5

    Gold cup. See also 07-01-02/5. From a tumulus at Stuttgart-Bad Cannstadt Diameter of the cup: 16.9 cm

    07-01-02/ 6

    Gold bracelets, hollow pin-heads, and earrings from a tomb at Schoeckingen, Germany Diameters: 5.4 - 6.2 cm; 1.9 - 3 cm; 1.2 - 1.3 cm

    07-01-02/ 7

    Gold hollow pin-heads. See also 07-01-02/7. From a tomb at Schoeckingen, Germany Diameters between 1.9 and 3 cm

    07-01-02/ 8

    Gold pin-heads from a tumulus at Urtenen, Switzerland Diameter 2.5 cm

    07-01-02/ 9

    Gold-sheeted pin-head from a tomb


    Gold bead with plaited gold chain from a tumulus at Ins, Switzerland Diameter of the bead: 1.2 cm


    1) Gold bead on plaited gold chain from a tumulus at Ins. Diameter of bead: 1.2 cm 2) Gold bead with gold plaited and interlaced pendant from Jegenstorf, both Switzerland


    A pair of gold armlets and earrings from the tumulus "La Butte", Sainte-Colombe, Burgundy, France


    Hemispheric gold bowl with bossy surface, spared-out suns, moon sickles, and animals from Zuerich-Altstetten, Switzerland Diameter 25 cm


    Hemispheric gold bowl with bossy surface from Zuerich-Altstetten, Switzerland Detail of 07-01-02/14 Total diameter: 25 cm


    Gold armlets and necklace.


    Gold necklace.


    Gold armlet and torque from a tumulus at Allenlueften, Switzerland


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