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    Golden death mask from a royal tomb (16th BCE) at Mycenae, Peloponnesus, Greece. Masks were shaped directly on the face of the dead. Faces were stylized, with closed eyes and a round beard leaving the chin free.

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    Bull with golden horns. Silver and gold rhyton (16th BCE) from Tomb IV, Mycenae.


    Agamemnon's gold mask (16th BCE) from Tomb V, Mycenae. Onv. 624


    Domesticated bulls pull a cart. Gold goblet (15th BCE) from the tomb of a Mycenaean king at Vaphio, Peloponnesus, Greece.

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    Hexagonal gold-plated wooden box with animal ornaments (1500 BCE) from a Mycenaean tomb, Greece.

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    Golden headband from a royal tomb (1500 BCE) in Mycenae, Peloponnesus, Greece.

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