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    Fragment of a funerary headband with armed warriors, from Arcadia, Peloponnesus, Greece. Gold (2200-2000 BCE) Bj 92

    10-01-05/ 9

    Gold vessel lid with geometric silver ornaments (10th-6th BCE). Diameter 37 cm Inv. 3197


    Two golden pectorals, from Graniceri, Hungary. 14 cm across Inv. 100/1903


    Gold plaques showing Artemis as "Mistress of the Animals", Greek, Orientalizing period, 660-620 BCE. The seven gold plaques are of sheet gold and were designed to be worn at the top edge of a garment with the rosettes pinned at the shoulders. The goddess tames wild animals at each hand. Pomegranates, a symbol of fertility, hang from the bottom of each plaque. GR 1861.11-11.1,3

    03-05-03/ 1

    Small gold-horns and five ornamental pins Gold and electrum jewelry (around 7th BCE), found in the foundations of the temple of Artemis, Ephesus, Turkey.


    Earrings. Gold and electrum jewelry (7th BCE), from the the temple of Artemis, Ephesus, Turkey. Left: 2.6 x 1.3 cm (Inv. 3033). Centre: 2 x 0.8 cm (Inv. 3037). Right: 2.4 x 1.5 cm (Inv. 3036)


    Two small animal masks. Goldwork (7th BCE) from Pergamon, Turkey.


    Embossed golden plate with ram heads (2nd half 7th BCE) from Rhodes, Greece Height 6.8 cm Bj 93

    10-01-05/ 8

    Pendant with ornaments. Pale electron (2nd half 7th BCE) from Camiros, Rhodes. Height 8 cm S 1208


    Golden wreath. (7th BCE)


    Golden head dress and 2 buttons from a ceremonial robe (7th BCE).


    Golden button from a ceremonial robe (7th BCE).


    Golden ornamental plate (7th BCE) with animal decor, horses and rams.


    Golden ornamental plate (7th BCE) with animal decor, griffins and stags.


    Golden ornamental plate with a griffin (7th BCE).


    Gold jewelery (crown necklace, earrings, pins) from a burial chamber at the necropolis of Sindos (Important archaic era cemetery near Thessalonike, with 121 graves excavated, which has yielded some remarkable finds, some of which are reminiscent of Mycenaean artifacts, particularly the gold death masks); 560 BCE.


    Detail of golden pectoral from Graniceri. See 07-02-02/67 14 cm across Inv. 100/1903


    Reclining goddess or odalisque. Alabaster figurine with gold incrustations and garnets (Seleucidan era, 312-64 BCE) from Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq) Length 21 cm - AO 20129


    Marble gate of a tumulus tomb (6th-1st BCE). Gold knob ornaments and bronze pivots from Langaza near Saloniki, Greece


    "The holy bird of Artemis". Hawk with streched wings. Gold clasp (1st half of 6th BCE) from the foundations of the temple of Artemis Ephesus, Turkey Height 2.6 cm - weight 45 g


    Detail of a gold torque (neckband)

    09-01-02/ 6

    Hairpin with bird. Gold Length 9 cm Inv. VII 996


    A lion. Gold decoration from a pectoral (5th BCE). Size 13.8 cm Inv. 1514

    12-01-01/ 7

    Harness ornaments. Silver and gold (4th BCE) Treasure of Letnica

    12-01-01/ 8

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