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Gold Neolithic


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    Human mask with gold ornaments, and a necklace of gold pearls, quartz and kaolin. From tomb 3, Varna I, Bulgaria. Varna Culture, Neolithic (5th mill. BCE) Diameter 21 cm Inv. V-I 1779-84


    Gold hammer from a tomb of an excavation at Varna, Romania. Chalcolithic (also known as the copper age)


    Female idol with gold incrustations. Marble and gold. From tomb 3, Varna I, Bulgaria Neolithic (4th-3rd mill. BCE) Height 12.8 cm Inv. V-I-1795


    Funerary object. Large circular terracotta plate of swastika-like design painted with gold-dust. From tomb 4, Varna I, Bulgaria. Diameter 52 cm Inv. VEN 221


    Flat figures of bovines. From grave 36, Varna I, Bulgaria. Late Neolithic, copper period. Gold, length 6.5 cm Inv. VEN 634, 639