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    Medici bank register with gold coins (Milan branch)

    40-14-02/ 9

    Goldmakers' street on Prague's Hradshin, the castle hill. An ancient street where, according to legend, alchimists tried to find the secret of gold-making under Emperor Rudolf II (1552-1612).


    Goldsmith's Workshop, 1576.Craftsmen sit at a worktable; they have leather aprons tucked into their belts to catch the filings of precious metal. On the right a youth holds a pair of tongs, with a bellows and anvil by his side. The boy on the left is drawing wire. Delaune worked as a goldsmith in Paris in 1546. PD, 1951-11-20-5

    33-01-09/ 7

    The money changer and his wife. Loan from the Prado. Wood, 83 x 97 cm


    The tax collector or money changer (ca. 1540)


    The tax collector or the money changer (ca. 1540). Reymerswaele painted the same subject many times. One very similar example hangs in the Prado in Madrid, Spain.


    The money-changer and his wife, 1539 Wood, 83 x 97 cm Inv.2567


    The money-changer, after Reymerswaele Oakwood (late 16th) 70 x 118 cm Inv. 2825


    The Moneychanger. Canvas RF 1973-34


    Alchemists searching for gold Splendor Solis Germany, 1582


    Osakazu Byobu (Osakajo-zu byobu) - Japanese eight-panel folding screen depicting the cityscape of Osaka during the Toyotomi Era (1583-1615) in the Momoyama Period. Housed in Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle Museum) Graz, Austria. Panel 2 -Money changer on Korea Bridge, which was crossed by travellers from all over Japan. Crouching in front of the money changer, a traveller gets his gold or silver coins weighed and changed into an appropriate amount of smaller coins. The coins had holes in the center, so that they could be strung together.


    The money-changer Orazio Lago, his wife and a client. Around 1600. Canvas, 93 x 101 cm Inv. 343


    Le peseur d'or, 1664 Wood, 28,5 x 22,5 cm INV 1219


    Croesus shows his treasures to Solon. 1647 Canvas Inv.9869


    The gold mines of California.People mining,digging, washing for gold,smelting and weighing.

    18-01-01/ 2