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    The Last Supper,1498. After restoration by Dottoressa Brambilla in 1997-2001. 4060 x 880 cm


    Christ washing the apostles' feet. 1632 Canvas


    The Last Supper. Painted for the main altar of the church Saint Leu-Saint Gilles in Paris. Canvas, 287 x 370 cm INV. 1704


    The Last Supper. Ol on wood 10014586


    The Last Supper.


    Altar of the Last Supper.Center: last supper, with four members ofthe donors, the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament; left: Abraham and Melchisedek, bottom:Jewish passah meal; right: collection of manna, bottom: the angel wakes the prophet Elijah. 1464-1468, wood


    The purple Codex Rossanensis,a 6th century manuscript on puple parchment,contains the gospel of Matthew and almost the entire gospel of Mark.30 x 25 cm.Inscriptions and 40 verses are from Psalms and Prophets.Folio 5:Christ Last Supper;Washing of the Feet;Announcement of Judas' Betrayal.Ps.XXII,2;XL 10, XL 7.Zeph.I,7. Origin perhaps Aleppo,Syria.


    The Last Supper. Detail during the restoration. Oil-tempera (1495-1497) Overall dimension: 460 x 880 cm


    The Last Supper. Mural


    The Last Supper, from the Verdun Altar. Enamel plaque in champleve technique on gilded copper (begun 1181)


    The Last Supper. Wood


    Since 1982 an ultimate attempt to save Leonardo's Last Supper has been undertaken by Giuseppina Brambilla, famous Italian restorer. The mural,completed in 1498, began to deteriorate early.Restoration finished 1999. Total size 460 x 880 cm. See 40-07-10/23-28,400707/53.


    L'Eucharistie - the Eucharist, symbolized by the Last Supper. From the "Dal Pozzo sacraments", a series of seven paintings done before 1642 for Cassiano dal Pozzo (1588-1657)


    Psalter of Ingeburg of Denmark,France,around 1210. MS 9/1695, fol.23 The Last Supper; Christ washes the apostles' feet.

    32-01-04/ 7

    La cene - the Last Supper. Canvas, 158 x 233 cm INV. 1724


    The Last Supper. Canvas, 80,5 x 89,5 cm RF 176


    The Last Supper. From the MS "The Four Gospels", Folio 135 r, from Mount Athos Monastery, Iberon, Greece (2nd half 12th)


    The Lord's Supper. Oil on canvas (1468) 150 x 180 cm


    The Last Supper; Christ lifts the eucharist. Canvas, 116 x 191 cm


    "The Last Supper." Pastel


    Iglesia del Santo Sepulcro - Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Estella,Navarra.Gothic tympanum shows the Last Supper, the Three Marys at the Sepulchre, Hell and Calvary.


    The Apostles. Detail of Christ washing the feet of an apostle (15-03-03/4)

    15-03-03/ 5

    The Last Supper and washing of feet. From the Baptistery, Florence. Mosaics cover the entire cupola. They were begun in 1220 and completed a century later. The designs are by Florentine artists, among them Cimabue and the young Giotto.


    The Tring Tiles, Medieval, c1325. Set of outstanding tiles with images drawn from apocryphal legends from the 'unofficial' life of Christ. Most contain two scenes, and can be read like a comic strip, although missing scenes disturb the continuity of the stories; a tile showing the reaping of corn miraculously multiplied to a vast amount is combined with an unconnected incident. Other tiles concentrate on the charity and wisdom of Jesus. They probably decorated a wall rather than a floor, and the sgraffito design may indicate that they were produced at Tring in Hertfordshire where this technique was popular on pottery. M&ME, 1922,4-12,1-8


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