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    Banqueting scene, guests eating and drinking, servants, dogs waiting for morsels under the beds. Black-figured amphora, 540-530 BCE F 2


    The milkmaid,1658-1660 Canvas


    A banqueting scene. Detail from a black-figured crater with Corinthian columns (6th BCE). 39 x 46 cm E 629


    Altar "Maesta",painted 1308-1311 for the Cathedral of Siena.The wedding at Cana.

    40-06-16/ 3

    How Alexander the Great was poisoned. From Jean Vauquelin,"Histoire du Grand Alexandre",1460. Fol.298 recto


    Jesus Christ at Martha's and Mary's house (in the foreground a kitchen, in the background the biblical encounter) Canvas; 126 x 243cm Cat. 6972


    La marmite de cuivre - Still-life with copper pot. Around 1750-1760. Canvas, 32 x 40cm. M.N.R. 716


    Servants plucking geese. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Nakht, scribe and priest under Pharaoh Thutmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE), in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Cook on a stool, turning a ladle in a three-legged pot with two handles. A dog lies next to her. The cook wears a long chiton and a hairband. Terracotta (last quarter 6th BCE) from Boeotia, Greece. Height 9 cm. CA 634


    Rideau, Cruchon et Compotier (Curtain, jug and bowl of fruit) Oil on canvas, 1893-94 59 x 72.4 cm


    King or ruler in his role of priest seated before an offering table consecrates bread. Relief on the long side of a sacrificial basin from Temple B1, Tel Mardikh, Syria (Middle Bronze Age)


    Seder plate, on which the symbolic foods are arranged during the Seder dinner. It shows scenes from the Haggadah, the story of the Exodus read during the home celebration. From Germany, 1790. Pewter, 39 cm diameter


    Menu du Gras et ustensil de cuisine, 1731 Canvas 33 x 41 cm,companion piece of Inv.3204, Menu du Maigre (40-12-08/11). Inv.3205


    Glassbowl with fruit. Wallpainting (1st CE) found in the Mount Vesuvius region, Italy.


    Nature morte a la bouilloire (Still-life with teapot) Oil on canvas, 1869 64.5 x 81 cm R.F. 1964-37


    Pewter pot with plate of peaches,prunes and nut. Around 1728 Canvas,55,5 x 46 cm

    40-12-16/ 6

    Two men drinking, two making music. Overall view of a banquet. Red-figured pelike. Same pelike as 10-03-03/4 and 5 Inv. 824

    10-03-03/ 3

    Preparation of the first meal after the Channel crossing. Two servants hang a kettle over a fire. Bayeux Tapestry, embroidery (11th).


    Nature morte au morceau de viande crue - still-life with a piece of raw meat, 1927/27. Canvas 54 x 65 cm MNPL 311


    Le goblet d'argent - silver goblet with apples. Oil on canvas 33 x 41 cm Mi 1042


    Bowl of figs preserved under the ashes of the eruption. From Pompeii.


    Nature morte au jambon. Wood, 63cm x 83cm. M.N.R. 708


    Le bocal d'olives - Still-life with jar of olives. 1760. Canvas, 71cm x 98cm. M.I. 1036


    La famille apres le repas - The family after a meal, 1891. Canvas, 34 x 49,5 cm


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