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    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.An Egyptian soldier leads the prisoners, followed by a war-chariot.Ivory, probably a furniture-ornament.From Megiddo,Israel. See also 08-05-05/22-24.Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    Red-figured crater:King Cadmos,an amphora in one hand, throws stones at the dragon who has killed his com- panions;three female figures,perhaps the nymphs of the well,watch the combat.In the upper register Hermes,Pan and a satyr.Obverse side,H:57 cm N 3157 See 10-03-06/11


    Eagle with lion's head. Lapis lazuli, gold, copper and bitumen pendant Early dynastic period II (2658 BCE) from the Treasure of Ur, Mari, Syria

    08-02-08/ 7

    Adam and Eve, fancy beasts and a donkey playing the harp; from the mosaic floor, cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. The cathedral was built under Roger, Norman Duke of Apulia, and consecrtaed in 1088. The mosaic floor of 1166 is a compendium of medieval lore. See also 40-11-24/36-46


    Theseus kills the Minotaur. Black-figured Attic amphora (6th BCE). Height 50 cm F 33


    The treasure of Nagyszentmiklos.The gold treasure found in 1799 in Nagyszentmiklos (now Sinicolaul in Romania)consists of 23 pure gold vessels.The medallion on this gold pitcher shows a rider on a mythical ani- mal aiming an arrow at a panther.


    Warriors on the march. four soldiers blow carnyx horns, a celtic war trumpet. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III


    Cylinder seal and imprint from Mari, Archaic Dynasties. Top register: agricultural scene, milking cows, goats. Bottom register: Human-headed bull between two heroes with maces;eagle with lion-head. H: 4,3 cm AO 10920


    Two winged genii, in the center Horus on the lotus. Carved ivory plaque with golden elevations Egyptian influence (head gear) from Arslan Tash, ancient Hadatu, Northern Syria 9.9 x 8.5 cm. AO 11465


    The "Narmer palette", a late pre-dynastic schist ceremonial palette. Pharaoh Narmer is shown wearing the Red Crown,subduing Lower Egypt.Narmer's rectangular cartouche on top of the palette. Two mythical animals with intertwined necks.From Hierakonpolis, Kom el-Ahmar


    Bulls with wings and human heads, benign genii and gate-keepers in the palace of king Sargon II of Assur (722-705), Khorsabad. H: 400 cm AO 19858


    Scylla's tail. Fragment of a marble group (mid 1st BCE) from the cave of Tiberius showing the ship of Ulysses attacked by Scylla.


    Phoenician ship and hippocampus on a silver coin.


    Two winged sphinxes topped by a winged disk, emblem of the god Ahura Mazda. Enamelled brick panel (6th-5th BCE) from Susa, Iran. Overall size 120 x 117 cm Sb 3324


    Hercules, Dejaneira and the dead centaur Nessus, 1580. Nessus tries to abduct Hercules' wife Dejaneira, Hercules kills Nessus with a poisoned arrow. Canvas, 112 x 82 cm Inv. 2613


    Apocalypse d'Angers,1373-1387, a series of tapestries woven for Louis I.,Duke of Anjou. Dragons vomiting frogs (Revelations 16:13-14). "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs, coming out of the mouth of the dragon and of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.."

    31-03-02/ 3

    Theseus and the minotaur. Fresco (1st CE) from the House of Gavius Rufus, Pompeii. Inv. 9043


    Alexander the Great (356-323 BCE) on a throne supported by griffins. From the mosaic floor of the cathedral of Otranto, southern Italy. The cathedral was built under Roger, Norman Duke of Apulia, and consecrated in 1088. The mosaic floor was completed in 1166. See also 40-11-24/36-46


    Cambyses and Psammetich. Persian King Cambyses II conquered Egypt in 525 BCE and overthrew Pharaoh Psammetich III of the 26th dynasty. Canvas, 114 x 211 cm Inv.5255


    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.Ivory,furniture ornament. Detail: the king (Pharaoh?) on his sphinx-throne, drinking from a cup.A musician.From Megiddo,Israel. See also 08-05-05/22-24.Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    Scylla, seamonster. Terracotta relief (5th BCE) from Melos, Greece


    Seal and imprint, Assyrian, 9th-6th BCE.Cultic scene, a man and a geni around the horned dragon, symbol of the gods Marduk and Nabu. Cornelian, H: 2,4 cm AO 22346


    Gold diadem with oval butts, each with a lion's paw and winged horse on a filigree stand, from the tomb "Lady of Vix", Burgundy, France. Length: 22 cm, weight: 400 g


    Flying horse, one leg resting on a swallow. Bronze figure, excavated 1969 at Wu-Wai, Gansu, China. Eastern Han Dynasty (2nd CE) 34.5 x 45 cm


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