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    Imperial Roman Period

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    Herakles finds his son Telephos in Arcadia. Detail:Telephos nursed by a doe. From the Basilica in Herculaneum,Italy. Inv. 9008


    Ceremony of the cult of Isis; priests with typical fringed tunics holding sistra; a priest fans the flames on a garlanded altar. Two sacred ibis-birds in the foreground. From Herculaneum. Fourth style, 80 x 85 cm Inv. 8924


    Dido abandoned by Aeneas. Or: apotheosis of Alexander the Great with representation of the four directions. Fresco (1st CE) from Casa di Meleagro,Pompeii. Inv. 8898


    Ulysses and the cyclops Polyphem. Fragment of a marble group (mid 1st BCE) from the cave of Tiberius in Sperlonga showing the ship of Ulyssses attacked by Scylla. Height 215 cm, length 295 cm


    Roman marble bust of Alexander the great (336-323 BCE), copied from a greek statue by Eufranor; 338 BCE.


    Emperor Augustus in military dress. Marble figure from the Prima Porta. Height 204 cm

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    "Theseus-Mosaic", floor mosaic from a Roman villa, Loigersfelder near Salzburg, Austria. Center: Theseus kills the Minotaur; top:Theseus and Ariadne aboard ship: right: grieving Ariadne. See also 11-01-01/68-70 Size: 56,5 x 58cm Inv. II 20


    Roman helmet. Bronze, from Judea


    Hermes resting. Bronze statuette (about 2nd BCE) after a Greek original of the 4th BCE. Height 18.5 cm Inv. VI 332


    Alexander the Great on horseback,from the Alexander battle, probably done after a painting by Philoxeilos of Entrea (4th BCE). Scene could show the Battle of Issos (also known as Battle of Issus), Granicus or Gaugamela. From the Casa del Fauno, VI 12,2 Pompeii. Inv. 10020


    Instead of the new-born Zeus, Rheia hands a stone to Kronos sitting on a throne. Relief from the base of a marble statue (2nd CE).


    People eating and drinking. Banquet scene. Fresco (1st CE) from Pompeii (Regio V 2,4) Inv. 120 039


    Venus tying her sandal, her left hand on Priapos who is teasing her. White marble figure (2nd CE), copy of a Hellenistic original, from Pompeii. Height 62 cm Inv. 152 798


    Scylla's tail. Fragment of a marble group (mid 1st BCE) from the cave of Tiberius showing the ship of Ulysses attacked by Scylla.


    Legionaries crossing the Danube on a pontoon bridge near Turnu Severin. Relief cast from Trajan's column, Rome.


    Roman soldier with sword and kneeling Parthian. Marble relief. Battle scene from the Parthian Monument (170 CE), Ephesus, Turkey. 208 x 146 cm Inv. I 866


    Pasquius Proculus and his wife. Wallpainting from Pompeii, House VII, 2,6 IVth style, 65 x 58 cm Inv. 9058


    Submarine fauna. Mosaic (1st CE) from Pompeii, Italy.


    Theseus and the minotaur. Fresco (1st CE) from the House of Gavius Rufus, Pompeii. Inv. 9043


    Ulysses' barge passing the Sirens' island south of Capri, Italy. Terracotta bas-relief 32.5 x 40.5 cm Campana Collection - S 747


    Gemma Augustea, made for Emperor Augustus, seen seated in the pose of Jupiter with scepter,laurel wreath and lituus,the staff of the augurs.In the center Roma,left Germanicus and Tiberius descending from a chariot. Sardonyx, 10 CE, 19 x 23 cm,mounting 17th.Inv. IX A 79

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    The tree of Life, allegory with birds perched on branches. Mosaic pavement; 4th century CE


    Maenad and satyr in a dionysiac scene, marble mosaic on slate ground, from the Casa dei Capitelli Colorati Pompeii VII 4, 31-51 Inv.9977


    Skull, symbol of death, surrounded by symbolic objects: a butterfly for flying time, a wheel of fortune, a level as a sign that all are made level by death. From the triclinium of the Bottega, Pompeii 15,2 Inv.109982


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