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    French Revolution 1789

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    The Princess Lamballe (1749-1792),Marie-Therese-Louise de Savoie-Carignan,princesse de Lamballe.The intimate friend of Queen Marie Antoinette was lynched by revolutionaries. (From the workshop of Antoine Francois Callet)


    Marie Antoinette, Archduchess, Queen of France (1755-1793), daughter of Empress Maria Theresia, sister of Emperor Joseph II. Died under the guillotine six months after her husband, Louis XVI. Canvas, 273 x 193,5 cm, 1778


    The Oath of the Jeu de Paume,when the Three Estates refused to disband upon royal orders. June,29,1789. See also 26-03-03/48,40-11-04/53,33-01-04/60, 40-11-22/44.


    Archduchess Marie Antoinette (1755-1793), wife of King Louis XVI, died on the guillotine. Inv. GG 2132


    "The Zenith of French Glory - the Pinnacle of Liberty.(Louis XVI) Religion, Justice, Loyalty and all the Bugbears of Unenlightend Minds, Farewell!" by James Gillray, published by Hannah Humphrey on February 12, 1793. Etching; 354 x 250 mm.


    The execution of Queen Marie-Antoinette on October 16, 1793, "Place de la Revolution," today Place de la Concorde. Left: Hotel Crillon. Oil on wood


    The Opening of the Estates General at Versailles, May 5,1789.


    The Third Estate, the clergy and the nobility shouldering the national debt. French Revolution. Engraving; 1789.


    The death of Marat (1907). 1907 150x200 cm


    Caricature:The farmer crushed by "Taille,Impots et Corvee",by tithe,taxation and statute-labour. Coloured engraving.


    Louis XVI, King of France, born 1754, died under the guillotine 1793. The King is shown here in his coronation robes with the order of the Saint Esprit. Canvas, 275,5 x 193,5 cm, 1779 Inv. 3444


    The Oath of the Jeu de Paume. In the center Mirabeau, who tells Dreux-Breze, master of ceremonies carrying the King's orders to disband the assembly: "Tell your master we are here by the will of the people!" Oil on canvas - 71 x 104 cm - RF 1984-18


    The Dauphin taken away from his family,July 3,1793.


    The Paris National Guard leaves for the Army on the Rhine.September 1792.


    The execution of Louis XVI.


    France (symbolized by a globe) is carried by the Third Estate with nobility and clergy on either side. The beehive represents the three united orders. French Revolution. Engraving; 1789.


    The Duke of Orleans (later Philippe-Egalite) and his son, the Duc de Chartres, the future King Louis-Philippe, on horseback, 1788. Philippe,Duke of Orleans was Grand Master of the Grand Orient de France. Canvas


    The First and Second Estate (nobles and clergy) ride on the back of the Third,the peasants. Cartoon 1789.


    The declaration of Human Rights voted by the Assembly on August 20-26,1789. Painting by J.J.Lebarbier.


    Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794). Oil on canvas Private Collection

    40-11-02/ 4

    Louis XVI at the foot of the guillotine, January 21,1793.


    Premiere lecture,en 1755,dans le salon de Mme.Geoffrin, de "L'orpheline de la Chine" de Voltaire - a first reading in the salon of Mme Geoffrin,of "The orphan of China" by Voltaire,1755. Canvas, 62,5 x 96 cm Inv. D.942.1.6

    40-11-02/ 2

    Louis XVI and his Minister of Finance Jacques Necker, admired by the three estates of France, Aristocracy, Clergy and Bourgeoisie, in a popular painting showing the general trust put into Necker's reforms.


    Joseph II (1741-1790), Emperor Holy Roman Empire, contemporary of the French Revolution which he foresaw in his letters to his sister Marie-Anoinette, Queen of France Canvas.


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