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    All other plants: leafes, roots, mushrooms and more.

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    La Primavera. Flora. Detail of 40-07-01/60 Tempera on wood (1477) 203 x 314 cm Inv. 8360 See also 40-07-01/60-70


    The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Me, Diego, and Señor Xólotl, 1949. The Jacques and Natasha Gelman Collection of the 20th Century Mexican Art and The Vergel Foundation.


    The Uruk Trough, from Uruk (Warka,Iraq), Late Prehistoric period (3300-3000 BCE). The carving on the side shows a procession of sheep approaching a reed hut and two lambs emerging. It may have been a cult object in the temple of Inanna (Ishtar), the Sumerian goddess of love and fertility.A bundle of reeds (Inanna's symbol) project from the hut and at the edges of the scene. ANE, 120000 (1928-7-14,1)

    03-03-01/ 7

    Autumn, allegory, 1573 Canvas, 76 x 63,5 cm R.F. 1964-32


    Trees, cacti, and plants in a religious painting of the vaulted tomb chamber of Sennedjem (No. 1), a necropolis official of the early Ramessid Period (18th Dynasty), in the cemetery of Deir el-Medina.

    08-01-01/ 3

    La Primavera (Spring). Detail of 40-07-01/60 Tempera on wood (1477) 203 x 314 cm Inv. 8360 See also 40-07-01/60-70


    Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbrid, 1940. Nicholas Murray Collection, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, The University of Texas at Austin.


    Amulet depicting Horus and Anubis with gold leaf. Gold, casting, lamination (7th-6th BCE) From the tomb of Ghajn Klieb, Rabat, Malta Height 2.5 cm


    Les Nympheas (The water lilies: green reflections) Oil on canvas Inv. 20102


    Breakfast table with bramble-pie. Still-life. Broken glass and watch are used as symbols of vanitas. Oil on oakwood (1631) 54 x 82 cm

    40-03-04/ 9

    Spring, allegory, 1573 Oil on canvas, 76 x 63,5 cm R.F. 1964-30


    An ephebe, crowned with ivy. From Volubilis, Morocco. Early imperial period, Bronze, H: 140 cm Inv. Vol.62


    Couple mythologique (Vertumne et Pomone ?) - Mythological couple (Vertumnus and Pomona ?). Around 1540. Canvas, 130cm x 124cm. INV. 125


    The Vegetable Gardener (reversible), 1590 Oil on panel, 35 x 24 cm


    Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States, 1932. María Rodriguez de Reyero Collection, New York.


    The battle between Love and Chastity, 1503. Detail of 40-08-06/46. Painted for the studiolo of Isabelle d'Este in Mantua. Canvas, 160 x 191cm. INV. 722


    Hippopotamus, decorated with bird, reeds and lotus flower, from a tomb in Thebes, Egypt. Turquoise glazed ceramics with brown linear ornaments, 12th Dynasty (20th-18th BCE), Middle Kingdom. Inv. 4211


    Pan and Syrinx,before 1690. Sirynx flees before Pan,a river-god Canvas,116 x 90 cm R.F.1979-19


    Les Nympheas (Water lilies) Oil on canvas Inv. 20101


    Les Nympheas, les Saules (Water lillies and willows) Oil on canvas Inv. 20104


    Le Livre des simples medecines - translation into French from the 12th century Latin manuscript of Matthaeus Platearius,physician in Salerno,Italy. Middle 15th,Parchment,29 x 20 cm,221 pages. A rose with leaves and roots.Fol.183 verso.


    Flora, 1591 Oil on wood 72,8 x 56,3 cm


    Necklace beads ring, fragments of bracelet and gold leaf, from Malta Gold embossed, filigree Height 4 - 2.2 cm Diameter of heads 1.2 cm


    Sea-god with dolphin and ivy. Amphora, black-figured (6th BCE), Pontic, from Vulci 42 x 26.9 cm Inv. F 1676


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