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    Landscapes, Seascapes, Cityscapes, etc.

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    On the beach, 1925

    40-17-05/ 8

    Temple of Apollo, Delphi, erected on the site of older sanctuaries, of which the last, from the 6th BCE, was destroyed by an earthquake in 373 BCE. The present building dates from 369-329 BCE. The Pythia prophesied here. 24.6 x 60 m


    The theatre of Delphi, built in 160 BCE on the slope of Mount Parnassos, above the Temple of Apollo, seats seats 5000 spectators in 35 rows of seats. The Pythian Games, competitions in music, drama, horse racing, and sports, were held every four years in Delphi.


    Sanctuary of Demeter, Eleusis. The sacred well Kalichoron "of the fair dances" around which the women of Eleusis danced in honour of Demeter, Goddess of the Earth and of fertility.


    Palace of Knossos, Heraklion, Crete. Small courtyard in the living quarters of the east wing. The columns, originally made of wood, were replaced by stone columns by archaeologist Arthur Evans during restoration in the early 20th.


    Battle of Port Mahon, Minorca. In May of 1756 a French task force under the Duc de Richelieu attacked the harbour of Port Mahon on Minorca, then a pillar of British naval power in the Mediterranean. The key to the harbour's defence was Fort San Filipe, built by Emperor Charles V of Spain two centuries earlier. The Fort, whose siege is portrayed in this anonymous French engraving (1764), was an early example of a "star bastion".


    The Oasis of Barnea With the Tell el Kadesh Egypt


    The Jordan River, east of Jericho where the 10 tribes of Israel crossed from Moab into Canaan and where Saint John Baptist preached and baptized.

    08-03-02/ 1

    The Jordan River as it leaves Lake Kinereth (Genezareth), Israel, the mountains of Moab in the background. Saint John Baptist baptized in the Jordan River (Matthew 3:5).


    The "Palace of the Slave"(Qasr el-Abd) in Wadi es-Sir, West of Amman.A palace built as a refuge by Hyrkanus of the Tobiad-family who retreated to Wadi es-Sir to avoid political and family persecution. 190-175 BCE. Relief of a lioness from the east-wall,a fountain.


    Young woman kneeling in front of a vase with offerings. Terracotta figurine (around 200 BCE) from Myrina, Isle of Lemnos, Greece. Height 16 cm Myr 233


    "The Kiss". Terracotta group (1st BCE) from Myrina, Isle of Lemnos, Greece. Height 24 cm Myr 273


    Eros playing with a rabbit on a three-legged table. Terracotta group (1st BCE) from Myrina, Isle of Lemnos, Greece. Height 15 cm Myr 112


    Murals showing Chinese landscapes were added to the colourful Baroque ceilings by a later owner of Troja Palace, who wished to remember scenes from his travels in the Far East. Troja Palace was built as a summer residence for the Counts Sternberg, 1679-1685.


    The Knight and the Landsknecht. Around 1496. Woodcut, 391 x 284mm. (monogrammed)

    33-02-01/ 4

    Baum im Kornfeld - Tree in a rye-field,1907 Pencil,oil on cardboard, 30 x 35,8 cm Inv. A 65/81

    39-15-03/ 6

    Pieta, 1504-1507 Canvas on wood 11,75 x 15,15 cm R.F. 1978-35


    Pietà. Around 1515/1530. Wood, 36cm x 50cm. R.F. 817


    The visitation, Saint Mary visits Saint Elisabeth - center piece of a polyptych. Triptich, wood; Center 80 x 105cm, wings 80 x 56cm Cat. 1461


    Paysage a Cassis - Landscape in Cassis, 1907 Canvas, 54 x 64 cm MNPL 88


    Scène de patinage à Kampen - Ice-scating at Kampen, Netherlands. Canvas, 47cm x 63cm. R.F. 2854

    39-19-08/ 1

    Paysage avec Elkana et ses deux épouses Anna et Pennina. Landscape with Elkana (father of the prophet Samuel)and his two spouses Hanna and Pennina. 1647. Canvas, 166cm x 138cm. INV. 1046

    39-19-08/ 5

    Paysage à l'abreuvoir. Effet de soleil couchant. Wood, 29cm x 43cm. INV. 1816


    Noble équipage cheminant sur la plage de Scheveningen. 1660. Wood, 37cm x 49cm. INV. 1915


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