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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    View of the hall from the staircase. Right a painting by Ferdinand Hodler, left painting by Felix Vallotton, "Pine trees". House "Waldbuehl" in Uzwil,Switzerland, built for Swiss industrialist Theodor Buehler in 1903.


    Noah's sons picking grapes. Detail from the Story of the Flood.


    Sultan Mehmet II Fahti, "The Conqueror" (1451-1481), the Sultan of the Conquest of Constantinople (1453). Bellini was court painter in Constantinople in 1479 and painted the portrait in the year before Mehmet's death.Oil on canvas, 69,9 x 52,1 cm NG 3099

    26-04-01/ 2

    L'oiseau privé, dit Le couple et l'oiseau envolé. Canvas, 40cm x 32cm. R.F. 1935


    Operating the fool's stone. Oil on canvas


    Altarpiece of St.John Baptist and St.John Evangelist. Center: Sacra Conversazione, the Virgin surrounded by saints; left wing: beheading of St. John Baptist; right: Apocalypse of St. John Evangelist. Inv.o.sj175.1 1474-79. Center:173,6 x 173,7 cm, wings:176 x 78,9 cm

    40-03-06/ 7

    Kaiserin Elisabeth im Sternenkleid (Empress Elisabeth in a star spangled robe). Oil on canvas


    Return from the Crusade. Oil


    Supper at Emmaus, 1601. Oil on canvas, 141 x 196,2 cm NG 172


    Le Deluge - The Flood, 1806 Canvas, 441,5 x 341 cm INV.4934


    The Annunciation 1506 Oil on canvas, 76 x 78 cm M.N.R.256


    Mme. Pompadour (Jeanne Antoinette Poisson, Marquise de Pompadour) 1721-1764, influential mistress of Louis XV of France. Paper on canvas, 60 x 45,5 cm R.F. 2142


    Two boxers. Detail of an embossed and engraved sheet-bronze situla from Matrei am Brenner, Austria.


    Men transporting corn. In the background slave girls fighting for the left-overs. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Mennah, scribe of the fields and estate inspector under Pharaoh Thutmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE) in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Water, corn growing from water, sheep, men bearing gifts, and the Goddess Inanna (Innin). five rows of limestone bas-reliefs on the Warka-Vase, a cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The nude maja, around 1800 Oil on canvas, 97 x 190 cm Inv. 742


    Cult complex "Soborul zeitelor" of Poduri (Assembly of Goddesses). 21 clay idols, 15 of which are painted, 6 unpainted, 13 thrones, 1 clay ball, 1 conical clay object. Pre-Cucuteni culture; settlement tumulus. From Poduri - Dealul Ghindaru, Romania. First half of the 5th Millenium BCE.

    03-03-04/ 1

    Red-figured cup,made in Athens,Greece, 490-480 BCE. Scenes of symposia were a popular subject for painted pottery vessels used on such occasions. Here, a young man reclines on a couch while a girl dances before him. The young man holds a pair of flutes,perhaps removed from the spotted skin-case hanging behind him. GR 1848.6-19.7


    Gold jewelery (crown necklace, earrings, pins) from a burial chamber at the necropolis of Sindos (Important archaic era cemetery near Thessalonike, with 121 graves excavated, which has yielded some remarkable finds, some of which are reminiscent of Mycenaean artifacts, particularly the gold death masks); 560 BCE.


    Woman spinning. Detail of a sheet-bronze tintinnabulum with figurative ornaments (07-01-03/10) from the "Tomba degli ori", Arsenale Militare, Bologna, Italy.


    Two iron antenna daggers with bronze handle and bronze scabbard, from the Hallstatt burial site, Austria. Dagger in the rear, length: 44.6 cm

    07-01-04/ 8

    Armchair of Satamon, sister of Tutankhamun, from the tomb of Youya and Thouyou, Thebes. 1365 BCE, New Kingdom


    Nakht with his family hunting in the Nile marshes. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Nakht, scribe and priest under Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE),in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Tax collection scene with four persons. Relief on a funerary stele (2nd-3rd CE).


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