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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Agricultural scene. Overall view of a wallpainting in the tomb of Mennah, scribe of the fields and estate inspector under Pharaoh Thutmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE) in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Las Meninas (the maids of honour).Velazquez (in a self- portrait),paints the Spanish royal couple, Philip IV and his wife Mariana (visible in the mirror in back). Their only child,Margarita,is surrounded by maids of honour and court dwarfs.1656,canvas,318 x 276,Inv.1174


    Young women repairing tracks in the former Hohenzollern coalmine in Bytom, Poland, 1956.

    56-08-23/ 9

    Manesse Codex (sheet 13r): Margrave Otto IV of Brandenburg (1266-1309) carries the surname "mit dem pfile -with the arrow". He was hit in the head by an arrow during the seige of Staß an der Bode and kept the arrow in his wound for over a year because of his mistrust in the physicians. The Manesse Codex or Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift (Heidelberg, University of Heidelberg Library, Cod. Pal. germ. 848) is a book copied and illustrated between 1305-1340 in Zürich, presumably compiled by Johannes Hadlaub. It contains love songs in Middle High German by important poets, several of whom were famous rulers. The term for these poets, Minnesänger, combines the words for "romantic love" and "singer", reflecting the content of the poetry, which adapted the Provençal troubador tradition to German. This manuscript has 137 portraits of the authors which depict each poet, some of them as idealized knights, dressed in their own heraldic colors and devices, making it possible for readers to identify them.


    Goddess Artemis. Relief (440-432 BCE) from the east frieze of the Parthenon, Athens, Greece. Inv. 856


    The music room in Versailles, piano and music sheets of Empress Marie-Louise, second wife of Napoleon I.


    The house of Peter Paul Rubens. House divided into living area, studio, and gallery (Collection of paintings by Rubens and other artists)

    40-04-01/ 2

    Warriors carrying heads of enemies and throwing them on a heap. Battle of Til Tuba. Ashurbanipal and the Assyrians fight Teumman, King of Elam, on the Ulai river in 635 BCE. Stone bas-relief (7th BCE) from the palace in Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The Tower of Babel. Oil on oakwood (1563) Size 114 x 155 cm Cat. 48, Inv. 1026


    Instead of the new-born Zeus, Rheia hands a stone to Kronos sitting on a throne. Relief from the base of a marble statue (2nd CE).


    The Trojan heroes compete for the arms and armour of the slain Achilles. Agamemnon tries to separate Ajax (left) and Ulysses (right), who draws his sword. Obverse side of 10-03-05/1 Red-figured kylix, around 490 BCE Inv. IV.3695

    10-03-05/ 2

    An evening with Schubert in a Vienna salon.In his engraving,Julius Schmidt has united everybody who was somebody in the Vienna of the 1830ties;Schubert and his friends singer Vogel,painters Kupelwieser and Schwind;poet Grillparzer,diarist Karoline Pichler etc.


    King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) in coronation robes. The young king wears the Order du Saint Esprit, in his left hand the scepter of Hugues Capet,the "hand of justice", in his right the scepter with the French lily. Canvas, 137,5 x 105 cm Inv. 3208


    People eating and drinking. Banquet scene. Fresco (1st CE) from Pompeii (Regio V 2,4) Inv. 120 039


    Jean Rapp, General, Napoleon's Aide-de-camp during the battle of Marengo, defender of Strasbourg during the "Hundred Days", Napoleon's brief return to the continent from his exile on the island of Elba, 1814. Oil on canvas


    Maximilian II (1527-1576),son of Emperor Ferdinand I, King of Bohemia,Emperor 1564. Canvas,184 x 100 cm,painted 1550 Inv.2111


    Vanitas, or Allegory of Love. Oil on canvas, 130 x 177 cm


    Isabel de Requesens, wife of the viceroy of Naples. Face painted by Raphael, the remainder of the painting by Giulio Romano who went to Naples to sketch the face. Giulio Romano's sketch is lost. From the collection of Francois I. Wood, transposed on canvas (18th century), 120 x 95 cm INV 612


    The Princess Lamballe (1749-1792),Marie-Therese-Louise de Savoie-Carignan,princesse de Lamballe.The intimate friend of Queen Marie Antoinette was lynched by revolutionaries. (From the workshop of Antoine Francois Callet)


    Cafe-terrace at night (Place du Forum in Arles) Oil on canvas, 1888 Cat. 232


    Women pressing flowers to make perfume. Relief on a sacrophagus (17th BCE), 16th Dynasty, 2nd Intermediate Period


    The salon of the Chateau d'Abondant,Eure et Loire,France. Between 1745 and 1750,oak and beech painted green, petit point tapestry. Jean Mansart de Jouy (architecte),Francois-Simon Houle (cabinet-maker) and Jacques de Seves(painter). Nr.84


    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, III. Figure). Around 1497/98. Woodcut, 396 x 283mm. (monogrammed)


    Bronze statue of a man with headband, More than life-size, found 1972 in the bay of Riace, Calabria,Italy. Probably a votive statue from the sanctuary at Delphi, shipwrecked on the Italian coast. Greek original possibly by Phidias (around 460 BCE).


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