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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Penelope at the loom and Telemachos. Attic red-figured skyphos (5th BCE).


    The eighth hour of the Anduat (Book of the Underworld). The ship of Ra floats through the Underworld, preceded by the snake Mechen, which guards the re-birth of the sungod Ra from the fifth hour onwards. Pen on papyrus (12th-9th BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt.


    Adele Bloch-Bauer I, 1907 Oil, silver, and gold on canvas 55 1/8 x 55 1/8 in. (140 x 140 cm) Estates of Ferdinand and Adele Bloch-Bauer See also 40-16-01/30.


    Iskandar (Alexander the Great) meeting the Brahmans. A miniature painting from an eighteenth century manuscript of the latter half of the epic poem of Shahnama. India, 1719. Shelfmark: Add.18804 Page Folio Number: f.117v


    The ladies dance a roundelay,a medieval dance, typical of life at court,in one of the murals of the knights' hall in Runkelstein castle,South Tyrol, Italy.Right,in dark dress,Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess and ruler of Tyrol (1318-1369).


    Ladies of the court of Empress Theodora, wife of Justinian I (Detail of the mosaic Empress Theodora and her attendants) Mosaic on the south wall of the apse; 547 CE


    La jupe relevee - the raised skirt,1742 Canvas,50,8 x 42 cm

    40-11-23/ 2

    Woman at the loom,behind her a woman spinning and, facing her,a female musician and two women with raised arms.Detail of an earthenware vessel with stamp decoration from Sopron, Hungary. See 07-01-03/16, also 07-01-03/16. Overall height: 41.5 cm


    Emperor Augustus in military dress. Marble figure from the Prima Porta. Height 204 cm

    10-04-01/ 9

    Palette with wild animals and dogs. Oval slate with hollow centre. Reverse side of 08-01-08/3. (36th-35th BCE) Pre-Dynastic Period, Egypt. Grauwacke, 32 x 17,7 x 1,8 cm E 11 052

    08-01-08/ 4

    Reliefs on the inner wall of the collapsed second pylon of the Ramesseum describe the battle of Kadesh against the Hittites, Ramses II claimed a decisive victory, as did the Hittites. Chariots, dead and wounded on the battlefield. 19th dynasty.

    08-01-17/ 8

    The Goddess Isis lamenting the death of her husband Osiris.She carries her iconographic hieroglyph on her head. Painted wood, N 4130


    Red room with galloon decoration ("Rotes Tressenzimmer", 19th). Charlottenburg Palace (18th).


    A sheet-bronze tintinnabulum (musical instrument) with figurative ornamentation from the "Tomba degli ori", Arsenale Militare, Bologna.


    Pectoral of the Chief Ointment-maker Pa-nehersj. Two goddesses, Isis and Nephtys, praying to the scarab as a symbol of the sungod Ra. The scarab is seen in its morning-shape of Chepre, a symbol of rebirth. Carnelian faience (ca. 1200 BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt. Inv. 1984


    The demon-god Pazuzu peers over the edge of this bronze plaque.Top register:symbols of the Babylonian chief gods;below:animal-headed protective beings; fish- clad priests attend a sick person;Pazuzu drives out the female demon Lamashtu. Bronze, 13,3 x 8,4 cm AO 22205


    Bedroom of Marie-Louise, seond wife of Napoleon I. Furniture by Jacob Desmalter; 1809


    Hercules and Omphale. Hercules is sold as a slave to Omphale, Queen of Lydia, to atone for the murder of Iphtios and the theft of the tripod of Delphi. The hero is forced to wear Omphale's clothes and jewelry. Copper, 24 x 19 cm Inv. 1126


    Iku-Shamagan, King of Mari, praying. Staetite statuette (2650 BCE) Early dynastic period II, from the temple of Ishtar, Mari, Syria Height 114 cm

    08-02-08/ 8

    Woman on a rock with a violin and another with a large kithara, a little Eros at her side. Terracotta figurines from Aigina, Greece, Tanagrian influence (ca. 360 BCE). (Size of the musician 22 cm - CA 574) CA 798


    At the feet of the Goddess Athena, two Greek warriors draw lots for the arms and armour of the slain Achilles. Ulysses on far left (with staff), Ajax second on the right. Red-figured kylix, around 490 BCE Inv. IV 3695

    10-03-05/ 1

    The Wedding at Cana. Photograph after restoration. From the Benedictine Convent of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice. Canvas (1562-1563), 666 x 990 cm Inv. 142


    Emperor Justitian and his attendants Mosaic on the north wall of the apse, 264 x 365cm; 547 CE


    The Jews' Passover. Facsimile of a miniature from a missel of 15th century ornamented with paintings of the School of Van Eyck.


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