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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Earthenware rhyton in the shape of an animal from Froeg, Austria.


    Warriors fighting on board of ships. Naval battle against the Seapeople. Relief from the main temple of Ramses III (1193-1162 BCE), north wall of the outside temple walls, Medinet Habu, Thebes, Egypt. 20th Dynasty (1196-1080 BCE), New Kingdom


    Fragment of the "Hunting Palette", 3.300-3.100 BCE Grauwacke from Abydos, 40,6 x 40,5 cm E 11254 Decorated with a hunting scene in the desert,clothing and arms are found later in pharaonic society.

    08-01-08/ 7

    Swimming girl. Wooden statuette, 18th Dynasty (1555-1305 BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt.


    Men gathering figs, monkeys sit in the tree. Beni Hassan, tomb of Khnemhotep, No.3; period of Amenenmes II or Sesostris II, about 1920-1900 BCE. Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davis,plate VII.

    08-01-15/ 7

    Perforated votive tablet of Ur-Nanshe, king of the city-state of Lagash. From Tello, Period of Archaic Dynasties II. Ur-Nanshe carries a basket with bricks; his wife and sons are with him.Lower register: Ur-Nanshe during a banquet. Limestone, 39 x 46,5 cm AO 2344


    The "Alexander Sarcophagus" from the Phoenician royal necropolis at Sidon, was made for Abdalonymos, King of Sidon. Short face,detail of 10-01-09/40:Battle of Gazza, a Greek soldier killing a Persian. Late 4th BCE Marble, 196x318x167 cm Inv. 370 T


    Goddess Hera. Attic wine cup (470 BCE).


    Young woman dancing to the tune of a double flute (aulos), played by a young man. Red-figured oenochoe, around 450-440 BCE G 574


    Women bathing. Red-figured amphora, 525-520 BCE F 203


    Banqueting scene, guest reclining, a musician playing the aulos. Center medallion of a red-figured cup (around 490) Inv. G 135

    10-03-04/ 1

    A mural, showing the god Priapus, was meant to protect the wealth of the Vettii family against jealousy and envy. House of the Vettii, Pompeii.


    Market scene with two little monkeys to attract customers. Funerary stele


    Priest carrying a child. Engraving on a votive stele. Dark limestone (3rd BCE) from the Tophet of Carthago. Height 108 cm Inv. 125


    Dining Hall with table laid for a banquet; Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden. 1711-1718.


    Cover of the Staurothtek. Christ on the throne. Detail of 15-01-01/32. Reliquary for the wood of the True Cross, Limburg. Enamelled and jewelled (ca. 948-959)


    The tenth plague of Egypt: the Israelites paint their doorposts with the blood of the Easter lamb, the angel slays the firstborn of the Egyptians. Verdun Altar, 51 plaques in champsleve-technique,enamel on gilded copper 1181, for Prior Wernher of Klosterneuburg, Austria


    The dove returns to the Ark, a green twig in her beak. Mosaic of the story of Noah and the Flood from the arcades of the atrium.


    Les Heures de la Duchesse de Bourgogne: Nativity;initial "D".In the margin courtly games; Godfather and angels. French,around 1450. MS 76/1362

    15-03-04/ 4

    Francesco Morosini, Doge of Venice (1618-1694), distinguished himself in the wars against the Turks; 1657 Captain General of the Venetian Fleet; joined the Austro-Polish Alliance;conquered the Peloponnes and took Athens. Elected Doge 1688.Oil, Canvas,227 x 148 cm


    Alb, garment worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Yellowish taffeta, gold trimming gold embroidery and pearls. Inscription says Alb was made for Norman King William II by the Royal workshop in Palermo, Sicily. 1181. Inv. XIII 7


    Writing desk of Queen Marie-Antoinette,Paris,1784. Ebony, Japanese lacquer,mother of pearl,gilt bronze and steel. 73,7 x 81,2 x 45,20 cm OA 5509


    Tapestry "The Hunts of Maximilian",one of twelve. Month of November,sign of the Sagittarius,11th piece of the Tapestry,wool,silk,gold and silver thread,seven kettfaeden per centimeter, 440 x 750 cm,OA 7322 Brussels around 1528-1533 After Bernaert van Orley. Hunting dinner.


    The purple Codex Rossanensis,a 6th century manuscript on puple parchment,contains the gospel of Matthew and almost the entire gospel of Mark.30 x 25 cm.Inscriptions and 40 verses are from Psalms and Prophets.Folio 16:Christ or Barrabas;upper register:the tribunal,pontius Pilate,Jews demanding crucification of Jesus;notary with wax tablets. Lower register: Left Christ with two officers on the left, Barrabas with two jailers on the right. Origin perhaps Aleppo,Syria.


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