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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Comb decorated with a lion. From Israel. Ivory, 27th Dynasty, Late Period


    War elephant trampling on a Galatian warrior. Terracotta figurine (mid 2nd BCE) from Myrina, Isle of Lemnos, Greece. Height 11.3 cm Myr 284


    Screech-owl, perfume container. Proto-Corinthian ceramic (7th BCE) Length 7 cm CA 1737


    The "Alexander Sarcophagus" from the Phoenician royal necropolis at Sidon, was made for Abdalonymos, King of Sidon.The battle of Issos (333 BCE). First rider left: Alexander the Great with lionskin;last rider:Perdiccas, Viceroy of Egypt. Late 4th BCE Inv.370 T


    Tombstone of T. Calidius Severus with his armour, helmet, and greaves. He died at the age of 58, after 34 years of service. He was centurion of the XVth legion stationed in Carnuntum, Austria. At the bottom his stable boy. Limestone, H:205 cm Inv. III 365


    Sacrifice for the inauguration of a bridge across the Danube near Turnu Severin. Relief cast from Trajan's column, Rome.


    Clotho on a column with skull and baton; skeletons, Epicure accompanied by a piglet and Zenon with bag and staff. Three-legged goblet, silver,traces of gold in the rose-garland. 1st CE, latest date 79 CE,eruption of Vesuvius.Silver, H:10,4 cm BJ 1923,see 10-04-06/14 Treasure of Boscoreale,Italy.


    Dying Gaul. Roman marble copy of a Hellenistic original of 230-220 BCE.


    Tarring the casks. Mosaic (1st half 3rd CE) series showing agricultural work throughout the year, from Saint Romain-en-Gal, France.


    Vaux-le-Vicomte, bedroom of Nicolas Fouquet,minister of finance to king Louis XIV. The transformation of an older castle was begun by architect Louis Le Vau in 1641. Interior decoration by Le Brun. For Vaux-le-Vicomte see 14-01-04/1-20

    14-01-04/ 5

    Bedroom in Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden, 1711-1718.


    Archbishop Maximian's carved ivory pulpit

    15-01-03/ 3

    King David and King Solomon. Detail from "The Resurrection" (15-03-03/7) Mosaic

    15-03-03/ 8

    Nobles carry coats-of-arms, the royal and the imperial crowns, the sword and a herald's coat in the funerary procession held for Emperor Karl V in Brussels, 1558. The only hand-coloured copy of the book was a present from Karl's son Philip II to his councillor Granvella.


    Wedding concert in 1760 for Joseph II and Isabella of Parma. The Imperial Family, Maria Theresia, Franz Stephan of Lorraine, their 16 children. The wedding took place in Vienna on October 6th, 1760. Detail of 25-01-01/40. Oil on canvas, 300 x 390 cm


    Picture of a young man at the piano,said to be Mozart. Canvas,146 x 97 cm R.F.3837


    "Adam and Eve and the Fall",a charade played by the "Schubertians",the group of friends around Schubert, in Atzenbruck Castle near Vienna,1821. Inv. 18.752


    Laetizia Ramolino-Bonaparte, "Madame Mere" (1750-1836), Mother of Napoleon Bonaparte.

    26-03-04/ 1

    Eagles with enamel eyes and image of a prince, from the Eagle Dalamatica worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Chinese damask with purple silk embroidery. Around 1300. See 30-01-02/19-22 Size: 160 cm Inv. XIII 15


    Portrait of baby Nonnosa. Palaeochristian (5th century)


    House of Mrs. Sonja Knips, Nusswaldgasse, 1922 Bedroom


    Die Toteninsel - Isle of the Dead, 1880 (1st. version). Oil on canvas, 111 x 155cm. Inv.1055


    Les acteurs de la Comédie italienne - The actors of the Italian Comedy (Commedia dell'Arte). Wood, 26cm x 22cm. M.I. 1073


    Bacchus, Ceres and Amor. Canvas, 163 x 113 cm Inv. 1098

    40-02-01/ 4

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