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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Noah offers thanks at an altar. Mosaic from the story of the Flood in the arcades of the atrium of S.Marco Basilica, Venice.


    The Last Supper. Jesus and his disciples. Mosaic (6th)


    Death of the Virgin Mary. Fresco by Mihail and Eutychios (1295)


    Count Ekkehard and Countess Uta. Donor figures from the west choir of Naumburg Cathedral.


    Maria Leopoldine (1632-1649), Archduchess and Empress, second wife of Emperor Ferdinand III, died in child- birth aged 17. Canvas, 203 x 137 cm Inv. 7148


    Margarita Teresa, Infanta of Spain (1651-1673), in a theatrical costume. Daughter of King Philip IV of Spain, she married Emperor Leopold I. The shepherd play in which she performed was part of the celebration for her arrival. See 26-05/16 Copper, 33,3 x 24,2 cm


    Gold brooch with precious stones from Ovre Eiker near Buskerud, Norway; 9th century


    Coronation of Henry IV,1399. From Jean Froissart's Chronicle. Harl.4380.fol.186 v (detail)


    Hector mounting his horse, bidding farewell to his wife and son. Background: a dazzling mosaic. Harl.4431.fol. 135 Min.


    Osakazu Byobu (Osakajo-zu byobu) - Japanese eight-panel folding screen showing the cityscape of Osaka during the Toyotomi Era (1583-1615) in the Momoyama Period. Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle Museum) Graz, Austria. A traditional 8-panel folding screen or byobu, it measures 182 cm (hight) and 480 cms (length). The screen was bought by prince Johann Seyfried von Eggenberg from Dutch merchants around 1660. It was dismanteld in the town-house of the family in Graz, Styria, around 1754 and the panels were brought to the country seat of Eggenberg, when the "Piano Nobile" was renovated. The paintings were individually embedded into the walls of the "Indian Room", Indian Rooms having become highly fashionable in the 18th century,. They were surrounded by "Chinoiseries" from a local painter. The panels are to be read from right bottom to left top.


    The Company of Frans Banning Cocq and Willem van Ruytenburch, known as the 'Night Watch' 1642 Canvas; 363 x 437 cm SK-C-5 (Before the restoration!)


    Noble visitors in the peasant's living room. Oil on copper (1597) 27 x 36 cm Inv. 674


    Hercules drives Pan from the bed of Omphale. Hercules and Omphale have exchanged clothes: Pan seeks Omphale under her silken robes and is rudely expelled by Hercules, while Omphale sleeps on. Oil on canvas, 150 x 190 cm Inv.ABJ 1607


    Coronation of Baudoin I, Emperor of Byzantium. Oil on canvas


    Market scene, around 1580-1585 Canvas, 125 x 280 cm Inv.4319


    Three musicians at the court of Ferdinando de'Medici, after 1687. At the cembalo:composer Giovanni Maria Pagliardi,violinist Martino Bitti and Checchino de Castris,a castrato. Canvas,141 x 208 cm Inv.1890 Nr.2802


    The Death of Socrates. Oil on canvas


    Rolla, 1873 Oil on canvas, 173 x 200 cm


    Woman playing kithara. From Pompeii, Italy; 1st century CE.


    Charlemagne (742-814) and his third son Pippin (773–810) giving edicts to a clerk. Illuminated manuscript; 10th century.


    Mask and hands from the tumulus Kr”ll-Schmidt Kogel in Kleinklein, Austria. They were metal decorations of a wooden urn for ashes collected after cremation. See 07-01-03/1-3, 07-02-02/27. Sheet bronze. Height mask 23 cm, hands 15 cm

    07-01-03/ 1

    Farmer with plough and animal. Bronze statuette from the Saone River, France.


    The goddess Nephtys lamenting the death of Osiris. She carries her iconographic hieroglyph on her head. Painted wood, E 125


    The storm-god Adad standing on a bull, brandishing a flash of lightning. Reign of Tiglath-Pileser. The god wears the kaunakes,a garment draped over one shoulder. From Arslan-Tash, North Syria. Basalt, H:136 cm AO 13 092


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