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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Ophelia 1851-2 Shakespeare's character Ophelia, driven insane by the murder of her father by her lover Hamlet, is portrayed singing in her madness as she drowns. Canvas; 762 x 1118 mm N01506


    La Primavera (Spring). Detail of 40-07-01/60 Tempera on wood (1477) 203 x 314 cm Inv. 8360 See also 40-07-01/60-70


    Room in Brooklyn,1932 Canvas


    Saluzzo comes to fetch his future bride from her parents. From The Story of Griselda after Bocaccio's Decamerone. Distemper on wood, painted cassone (front) (1430) Height: 42 cm


    The lid of one of four canopic jars found in tomb No.55 in the Valley of the Kings. It may originally have been made for Kiya (she was a wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Little is known about her, and she is scarcely documented until Akhenaten's first and Chief wife Nefertiti disappears from the record). It dates from the Amarna period. Alabaster; Valley of the Kings, Luxor, Egypt. New Kingdom (19th dynasty).


    Bronze hydria with figurative handle: Artemis with 2 hares, 4 lions, eagle and snake. Greek import. From a tumulus at Graechwil, Switzerland Height 57.2 cm


    Peasant couple ploughing. Wallpainting in the vaulted tomb chamber of Sennedjem (No. 1), a necropolis official of the early Ramessid Period (18th Dynasty), in the cemetery of Deir el-Medina.

    08-01-01/ 4

    Men trampling grapes, one racking must. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Nakht, scribe and priest under Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV (18th Dynasty, 16th- 14th BCE), in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Portrait of Tutankhamun from the inner coffin of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Thebes. Detail of 08-01-02/50 Gold and precious stones 1342 BCE, New Kingdom


    Tree-goddess offers vivifying waters to the deceased. Mural from the tomb of Kha, architect of Amenophis III (1403-1365 BCE), 18th Dynasty, Deir el-Medina, Egypt.


    Pharaoh Seti I as Osiris, with insignia and typical pose with arms crossed. Relief from one of the chapels leading off from the inner Hypostyle Hall in the Temple of Abydos

    08-01-13/ 8

    The Shamash-stele:a worshipper pours a libation over a tree of life.Shamash, the Akkadian sun-god with cone-shaped headdress and staff sits on a throne. From Susa,Iran. Limestone, H:67 cm End 3rd, early 2nd mill BCE Sb 7


    Various fibulae with glass paste or coral decorations


    Asklepios and his daughter Hygieia feeding a snake. Funerary relief, marble from the Therme of Salonika. Classical, last quarter 5th BCE Inv. 109 T


    Artemis (?), so-called "Diana of Gabies", probably an antique copy of the "Artemis Brauronia" by Praxiteles, dedicated on the Acropolis in 346-345 BCE. Ma 529


    "Berlin Goddess". Kore with the pomegranate. Attic painted marble tombstatue (570 BCE). Height 193 cm


    Two priestesses preparing two bulls for sacrifice. Attic red-figured skyphos (5th BCE).


    Bacchus on a throne. Fresco (1st CE) from Casa del Naviglio, Pompeii. Inv. 9456


    Death of the Virgin Mary. Fresco by Mihail and Eutychios (1295)


    Still-life with flowers. Oil on canvas Size: 90 x 68 cm Inv. 1578


    Marriage A-la-Mode: 2. The Tête à Tête 1743 "Marriage A-la-Mode" was the first of Hogarth's satirical moralising series of engravings about the upper echelons of society. The paintings were models from which the engravings would be made. The engravings reverse the compositions. About 1743 Oil on canvas; 69,9 x 90,8 cm NG114

    40-06-01/ 4

    Queen Isabel II (1830-1904). Daughter of Maria Christina Bourbon and Ferdinand VII. Queen of Spain 1843-1868 (deposed). Canvas


    Celebration of Plato's birthday at Lorenzo Il Magnifico's villa in Careggi on November 7, 1474. Leon Battista Alberti,Piero de Medici and Pico della Mirandola are among the Magnifico's guests. 1862 Canvas, 130,3 x 97,7 cm Inv.P/352


    Stèle funéraire peinte de Sidon (painted funerary stele). 2nd-1st century BCE; 91 x 56cm AO 1191


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