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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Drawbridge at Arles with a group of washerwomen (pont de Langlois, Arles, France) Oil on canvas, 1888 Cat. No. 221


    Death of Cleopatra. Canvas,200 x 290 cm


    Rosenkranzmadonna - The Feast of the Rose Garland Oil on wood (1506)

    40-13-02/ 6

    The Battle of San Romano in 1432.The Condottiere Niccolo da Tolentino leading the Florentine forces against Siena,1450-1460. Egg tempera on poplar, 181,6 x 320 cm NG 583

    40-14-01/ 4

    A delegation of foreigners visit the market in Constantinople Turkish miniature painting; 1710


    Bronze sword from a tumulus from Alsace, France. Length: 70 cm


    Female nude, arms with small wings. From a child's tomb, Susa. Mid-Elamite, Sukkalmah dynasty, early 2nd mill.BCE. Terracotta Sb 2796


    Courtesan fastening her sandal. Neck of a red-figured amphora (525-515 BCE) attributed to the Oltos Painter Height 38.5 cm G 2


    Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry were painted by Pol de Limbourg in 1409 and finished 70 years later by Jean Colombe. January:Jean de France, Duc de Berry at table. A large salt-cellar and two little dogs on the table.


    Saint Clara between priests and churchfathers (Saint Ambrosius, Saint Augustine, Pope Gregory I, Saint Thomas Aquinus, Saint Jerome, Saint Norbert of Xanten) Cat. 1695 Saint Ambrosius Dec.7th Saint Augustine August 28th Saint Thomas Aquinus December 21st Saint Jerome Sept.30 Saint Norbert of Xanten June 6th

    39-19-04/ 5

    Catherine of Aragon, (1485-1536), daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and first wife of King Henry VIII. The Pope's refusal to let the King divorce her, led to the separation of the Anglican from the Catholic Church. Oakwood, 29x20.5 cm Inv.561


    Maria Christina de Bourbon (de las Dos Sicilias) (1806-1878),fourth wife of Fernando VII. Canvas


    Attic red-figured oenochoe showing Amazon women; end of the 5th century BCE.

    03-05-06/ 1

    The death of Roland during the battle of Roncevaux Pass in 778. Charlemagne kneels before the deceased. Illuminated manuscript; 14th century.


    Circular brooch with ornaments and pendant small human figures, from the Hallstatt burial site. Bronze


    Girl musicians with harp and string instruments. Detail of a wallpainting in the tomb of Rekhmere, vizier under the Pharaohs Thutmosis III and Amenophis II (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE), in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Ointment jar representing the Sema Taouy symbol, from the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Thebes. Alabaster, 1350 BCE, New Kingdom


    Concubine of the dead. Ivory figurine, 1st-2nd Dynasties (32nd-27th BCE), Archaic Period, Egypt. E 11 888


    Iku-shamagan, King of Mari. Detail of 08-02-08/8. Steatit statuette (2650 BCE) Early dynastic period II, from the temple of Ishtar at Mari, Syria

    08-02-08/ 9

    A ship, symbol of life, with lowered sails. Relief on the mausoleum of C. Munatius Faustus, built by his wife Naevoleia Tyche (1st half 1st CE). From the west side of Via dei sepolcri, Pompeii.

    10-02-03/ 6

    Tombstones of Tiberius Julius Rufus and his son, Petronius Rufus and their wives.


    Bust of a man. Bas-relief and inscription in Aramaean and Hebrew: "chawal" (sorrow) (1st CE), from Palmyra, Syria.


    Dining-room with the magic table which was raised from the kitchen. Herrenchiemsee Palace, built 1879-1881 by order of Ludwig II of Bavaria in homage to Ludwig XIV on Herrenchiemsee Island in Chiemsee Lake, Bavaria.


    Bedroom of Queen Hortense, daughter of Josephine Beauharnais. Hortense married Louis, King of Holland, Napoleon's brother. She is the mother of Emperor Napoleon III. Furniture (1805/06) by the brothers Jacob


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