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    Daily Life

    Work, Leisure, Clothing and Textiles, Politics and Portraits, Furniture, Houshold, Funerals, Death, Murder, Family.

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    Lovers in conversation in a garden. From Cent ballades d'amant et de dame (Collected Works of Christine de Pisan). Illustration by the Master of the Cit des Dames and workshop. France, Paris; 1410-1411. Shelfmark: Harley 4431 Page Folio Number: f.376


    Two boxers. Detail of an embossed and engraved sheet-bronze situla from Matrei am Brenner, Austria.


    Two horsemen fighting, shieldbearers, man in a broad hat. Detail of an embossed sheet-bronze clasp from Vace, Slovenia.


    Warriors fighting on board of ships. Naval battle against the Seapeople. Relief from the main temple of Ramses III (1193-1162 BCE), north wall of the outside temple walls, Medinet Habu, Thebes, Egypt. 20th Dynasty (1196-1080 BCE), New Kingdom


    Shroud, the defunct between Osiris and Anubis. Theme of the painting is the "transmutation into Osiris". Painting on linen (around 180 BCE), Ptolemaic Period, Egypt. Inv. 11 651


    Marie Antoinette, Archduchess, Queen of France (1755-1793), daughter of Empress Maria Theresia, sister of Emperor Joseph II. Died under the guillotine six months after her husband, Louis XVI. Canvas, 273 x 193,5 cm, 1778


    Sarcophagus of Charlemagne (Proserpina sarcophagus). Proserpina is abducted by Pluto and Minerva, Mercury leads the chariot, while Proserpina's mother Ceres watches (2nd CE). Charlemagne was buried in this sarcophagus until 1165.

    26-03-01/ 9

    Marie Caroline de Lorena (1752-1814), Queen of Naples and Sicily Canvas; 130 x 98cm Cat. 2194


    Red-figured cup,made in Athens,Greece, 490-480 BCE. Scenes of symposia were a popular subject for painted pottery vessels used on such occasions. Here, a young man reclines on a couch while a girl dances before him. The young man holds a pair of flutes,perhaps removed from the spotted skin-case hanging behind him. GR 1848.6-19.7


    Coffer with small vases of glass, alabaster, ceramics from the tomb of architect Kha - under Amenophis III (1411-1375 BCE) - at Deir el-Medina, Egypt. 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom.


    Embalmer's knife with Anubis figure on the papyrus-shaped handle. "Minmesout", the embalmer's name, on the blade. New Kingdom (1554-1196 BCE) Bronze, L:24,5 cm N 2116

    08-01-10/ 5

    From the book "A Guide through the Underworld" (sequel to 08-01-10/48). From left to right: Man praying to the God Anubis; the red disk of the sun; the pavian-god of wisdom; man harvesting grain. (12th-9th BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt.


    Herakles fights the Lernean Hydra. White-figured Lekythos (500-480 BCE) Height 22 cm CA 598

    10-03-01/ 6

    Servant carrying a plate. Fragment of a mosaic "Preparation of a banquet", from Carthage (180-190 CE). 225 x 240 cm MA 1796


    Shoving bread into the oven. Mosaic (1st half 3rd CE) from a series showing agricultural work throughout the year, from Saint Romain-en-Gal, France.


    The Ark floats on a rising flood which engulfs all man- kind. From MS "Beatus in Apocalipsin" composed around 784 by the abbot of Saint Martin de Liebano, Spain. The version in hand was illustrated by the monk Emeterio and a nun signed "En Depinctrix" between 970 and 975.

    15-02-01/ 6

    Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry were painted by Pol de Limbourg in 1409 and finished 70 years later by Jean Colombe. October:Louvre palace during the reign of king Charles V; sowing; the Seine-river in the background.


    The Defeat of Sennacherib, King of Assur. Oakwood, 98 x 123 cm Cat. 326


    Orpheus and Euridice in the Underworld. Canvas,78 x 78 cm Inv.485


    Amor and Psyche. Marble


    Drawbridge at Arles with a group of washerwomen (pont de Langlois, Arles, France) Oil on canvas, 1888 Cat. No. 221


    Death of Cleopatra. Canvas,200 x 290 cm


    Rosenkranzmadonna - The Feast of the Rose Garland Oil on wood (1506)

    40-13-02/ 6

    The Battle of San Romano in 1432.The Condottiere Niccolo da Tolentino leading the Florentine forces against Siena,1450-1460. Egg tempera on poplar, 181,6 x 320 cm NG 583

    40-14-01/ 4

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