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    The goddess Astarte, from the Hebron area, Israel. Pottery relief (around 1400 BCE) Late Bronze Age II


    Four swords 1) short sword, full bronze; 2) antenna-type sword; 3) tongue-shaped sword; 4) Liptau-type sword. Late Bronze Age (1250-850 BCE)


    Necklace of beads of rock crystal, amethyst and gold plaques decorated with hieroglyphs. From Canaan, Tell el-Ajjul (Late Bronze Age)


    Dragon spurting. Hunting scene. Mythological figures from a relief on a white limestone ritual basin (17th BCE) from the great Temple D, Acropolis of Ebla, Syria (Middle Bronze Age).


    Female idol, arms lifted in prayer. Mycenean, from Ugarit (Minet-el-Beida), Syria Terracotta, H: 14 cm AO 14837


    Bird-faced Astarte wearing a 5-pointed crown and a two-row necklace held by both hands and covering her breasts. From North Israel/South Syria. Pottery statuette (1200 BCE) Late Bronze/Iron Age I. Height 21.3 cm - Inv. H 460


    Canaanite goddess on horseback, from the temple of Lachish. Gold-leaf plaque, Late Bronze Age


    The goddess Astarte, from Deir-el-Balach,near Gaza. Stone relief (1550-1200 BCE) Late Bronze Age II


    Young girl carrying offerings on her head. Wood statuette Middle Kingdom (1990-1650 BCE) E 10781

    08-01-03/ 6

    Five figurines, from the Jordan Valley, Israel. Bronze (1550-1200 BCE) Late Bronze/Early Iron Age


    Goddess, feeding two goats. Mycenean ivory, cover of a pyxis, from Minet-el-Beida. 13TH BCE 13,7 x 11,5 cm AO 11601

    08-02-10/ 3

    Nude female idol holding a tambourine. Late Bronze II, 1450-1200 BCE Terracotta, H: 12 cm AO 2407


    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.Detail:an Egyptian soldier leads two prisoners.Ivory,probably a furniture- ornament.From Megiddo,Israel.See also: 08-05-05/22-24 Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    Basalt sacrificial basin with reliefs. Short side: warriors marching over 4 crouching lions. Long side: banquet scene with a ruler sitting in front of an offering table with bread being consecrated by a priest (Middle Bronze). Temple B1, Tel Mardikh, Syria


    Three pairs of warriors embracing to seal peace treaty. Relief (17th BCE) on the long side of a basalt sacrificial basin from Temple N, Tel Mardikh, Syria (Middle Bronze Age)


    Gold-plated young bull represents the animal form of the warrior god Reshef, or Baal. The prophets of Israel condemned the idolization of the"golden calf" and the Baal-cult. From Byblos, Lebanon. See 08-02-04/56,57 Bronze and gold, H:4 cm AO 14680


    Dagger, chain and other equipment; dagger handle: bronze; blade: iron. Period of Philistine penetration into Palestine, from Tell el Farah and Beth Shan.


    Necklaces: One with carnelian beads and gold caps; another with elongated agate beads and gold caps; the third a flat agate pendant with gold caps. From Deir el-Balach, Late Bronze/Early Iron Age, Time of the Judges. Inv. H 1459


    Bird-like figure on a three-wheel wagon drawn by birds. From Dupljaja, location Grad, Serbia Terracotta (15th BCE) Statue, heigth 13.5 cm; wagon 25.6 x 16 cm Inv. Br. 4533 See also 07-02-02/20, 21


    Rhyton (drinking vessel) in form of a hedgehog. From the Aegean, found in Ugarit (Ras Shamra), Syria. Late Bronze, 14th-12th BCE Terracotta, H: 12 cm AO 26753


    Astarte. Gold figurine (15th BCE). Middle part was broken and repaired. From the Jordan Valley Height 38 cm, weight 450 g Inv. R.E.H. 153

    08-05-07/ 7

    Swords, dagger, spear heads and javelins. Weapons typical of the Middle Bronze Age (2200-1550 BCE). Canaanite. Collections of IDAM


    Woman on a gold pendant, possibly a fertility goddess, from the temple of Beth-Shan. Late Bronze Age


    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.Detail:The king (Pharaoh?) on his sphinx-throne,drinking from a cup; a servant, a musician,a soldier.Ivory from Megiddo,Israel. See also 08-05-05/22-25.Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


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