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    Lenin in front of the Kremlin, Moscow. Panel (1924) 74 x 52 cm


    Emperor Joseph II ploughing in the Moravian village of Slavikowitz. One of the many legends around the popular emperor. House sign at the house "zum Kaiser- acker" at 27, Kaiserstrasse in Vienna, Austria. Oil on sheet iron


    Chinese propaganda poster: Red guard with children. China, late 1950s.


    Chinese propaganda poster: Chinese Communist leaders from right to left: Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Peng Dehuai and Mao Zedong in idealised landscape. China, early 1960s.


    Chinese propaganda poster: Chinese Jiang Zhuying (1939-1982), a prominent Chinese optician, who made great contribution to China's optical mechanical testing and scientific research in some other fields. China, early 1960s.