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    Fancy-dress ball in Bonn's Residence Theatre (1754). Clemens August, Prince Elector and Archbishop of Cologne as host. Beethoven's grandfather among the musicians and Giacomo Casanova on the balustrade.


    Woman at the loom,behind her a woman spinning and, facing her,a female musician and two women with raised arms.Detail of an earthenware vessel with stamp decoration from Sopron, Hungary. See 07-01-03/16, also 07-01-03/16. Overall height: 41.5 cm


    Marguerite de Valois ("La Reine Margot),1553-1615, dancing la Volta at the Valois Court. Canvas

    25-01-07/ 9

    Grosstadt - Big town, center panel. Wood, distemper (1927-1928) 181 x 201 cm Inv. 0-1890


    Back wall of the Tomb of the Lionesses, Tarquinia, Italy; around 530-520 BCE. Below the lionesses is a large krater with two musicians playing lyre and twin pipes. They are accompanied by dancers.


    Dancers, musicians, and singers. Terracotta plate (8th-7th BCE) with figurative relief Diameter 4.8 cm Nr. 32062


    L'etoile, ou danseuse sur la scene (The star, or dancer on the stage) Pastel, 1876 58.4 x 42 cm RF 12258


    Vienna Burgtheatre (Court Theatre),staircase (left): Antique theatre in Taormina,1884-87. Detail of 40-17-06.See also 40-17-05/59,60 and 40-17-06/64-70.The woman in red robe,with tamburine, is famous actress Charlotte Wolter.

    40-16-02/ 4

    Young woman dancing to the tune of a double flute (aulos), played by a young man. Red-figured oenochoe, around 450-440 BCE G 574


    A dancing party. Oakwood, 41,5 x 54 cm Inv. 3576


    Fete de la Rosiere (also: Farmers' Wedding)


    The Vienna Opera-Ball is the culminating point of the lively "Fasching"-carnival season. For the ball, a dance-floor is laid over the seats of the Opera. A young couple takes time out. Vienna,1958


    Dancing Party. Oil Inv. 1096


    Fete dans une auberge - party in a tavern. Canvas, 117 x 161 cm INV. 1863


    The Party in the Country. Oil Cat. 136


    Krishna and Radha dancing in the rain with three girl musicians. India; Rajasthani miniature painting, 17th century.


    Two musicians in gothic clothes follow the dancers. Detail of 16-01-04/19,mural in the knights' hall of Runkelstein castle,showing ladies and knights in a roundelay, a medieval dance.


    Opening waltz of the Vienna Opera Ball. The elegant ball at the Opera, when a dance floor is laid over the rows of chairs, is the highlight of the Vienna carnival season.


    The wedding dance. Oil on oakwood (ca. 1600) 49 x 66 cm


    An die Schoenheit - To beauty. Canvas (1922) Inv. G 1340


    War-dance, accompanied by a flutist. Center medallion of a red-figured cup (first half 5th BCE). Inv. G 136

    10-03-04/ 4

    Carlotta Zambelli, (1875-1968). Her career lasted from 1894 to 1930, the longest at the Paris Opera. As a ballet teacher she formed several generations of dancers. Pastel by Claudie Chamerot, 1897


    Rustic dance. Canvas


    Costume sketch for the Greek Dance from "Cleopatra" by Alexander Arensky,1910. Watercolour and pencil on paper.


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