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    Mirror cabinet, Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden. 1711-1718.


    The ladies dance a roundelay,a medieval dance, typical of life at court,in one of the murals of the knights' hall in Runkelstein castle,South Tyrol, Italy.Right,in dark dress,Margarete Maultasch ("satchel-mouth"), countess and ruler of Tyrol (1318-1369).


    Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry were painted by Pol de Limbourg in 1409 and finished 70 years later by Jean Colombe. April:Castle Dourdan, where the Duke kept some of his treasures.Young ladies pluck the first flowers.


    Bedroom of Lucrezia Borgia.

    40-14-02/ 6

    Ceremonial Hall, Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelde, 1711-1718).


    Staircase in Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden, built by architect Johann Dientzenhofer after an idea of the owner, Lothar Franz von Schoenborn, Princebishop of Bamberg and Elector-Archbishop of Mainz (1655-1729).


    Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry were painted by Pol de Limbourg in 1409 and finished 70 years later by Jean Colombe. October:Louvre palace during the reign of king Charles V; sowing; the Seine-river in the background.


    Study with writing desk, 1725. Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden, 1711-1718.


    The guards hall, ceiling fresco (1743). Apotheosis of the House of Wittelsbach, Augustusburg Palace, Bruehl.


    Gallery Francois I at Fontainebleau Castle. Stucco decorations 1535 by Le Rosso Fiorentino, one of the most important painters of the School of Fontainebleau. Gallery also has a fine panelled ceiling.


    Audience room of the Wolfenbuettel Water Castle of the 13th, partly destroyed in the 16th, rebuilt and enlarged 17th-18th. Residence of the Dukes of Brunswick and Lueneburg until 1753-1754.


    Court society in front of a Burgundian castle. Oil on wood

    40-03-03/ 4

    Audience Room of the Castello Ducale (2nd half 17th) in Aglie near Ivrea (Val d'Aosta), Italy


    The Emperor's Hall "Kaisersaal". Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden, 1711-1718.


    "Hungarian coronation room", Franzenfeste, Laxenburg. Art-work was collected from different castles and monasteries to decorate this room (after 1801). The Renaissance ceiling comes from Eger in Bohemia. See also 14-03-04/26


    Riding armour and horse's armour for Jacob VI, Trapp. Around 1500. Steel, embossed.


    At the Castle of Loches, Jeanne d'Arc announced the delivery of Orleans to King Charles VII. Jeanne, on horseback, is surrounded by her companions. The banner says: "Here comes the virgin sent by God..." Miniature on parchment.


    The castle of Jealousy,15th. From "Le Roman de la Rose", (The Story of the Rose). Harl.4425.fol.39 (detail)

    32-01-06/ 1

    Guidoriccio da Fogliano, condottiere, riding through the barren mountains surrounding Siena. Mural (1328) 340 x 968 cm

    40-14-01/ 1

    State Hall dating from time of the Counts of Savoy, Chillon Castle on Lake Geneva, begun in the Carolingian Period, present state 13th.


    Bedroom in Schloss Weissenstein zu Pommersfelden, 1711-1718.


    Archduke Karl, Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial troops during the Napoleonic Wars, with his wife Henriette von Nassau-Weilburg and his children in front of their Castle Weilburg in Baden, near Vienna.


    Schloss Tyrol (Castel Tirolo),portal of the 12th century chapel.


    The library, Arenenberg. On the table, a bronze bust of Pauline Bonaparte, sister of Napoleon I.On the book- case a terracotta bust of Laetizia, Napoleon's mother. Three children of Eugene Beauharnais, Joachim Murat, Carolina of Naples and Elisa Bonaparte high on walls.


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