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    Cafe-terrace at night (Place du Forum in Arles) Oil on canvas, 1888 Cat. 232


    A Sunday afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte. 1884/85 Canvas,69,8 x 104 cm

    40-06-13/ 8

    The coffeehouse, center of Austria's Fin-de-siecle life, home of politicians, literati and chess players, rose to new life and fame after World War II. Vienna, 1953


    Chemin montant dans les hautes herbes (Uphill path through tall grass) Oil on canvas, 1875 60 x 74 cm R.F. 2581


    The garden of art dealer Friedrich Welz was a meeting place and social center for many artists taking part in the Salzburg Festival: conductor Isztvan Kertesz, ainter Oskar Kokoschka, Musicologist H. C. Robbins-Landon and painter Milein Cossmann. Salzburg,1959


    Tapestry "The Hunts of Maximilian",one of twelve. Month of November,sign of the Sagittarius,11th piece of the Tapestry,wool,silk,gold and silver thread,seven kettfaeden per centimeter, 440 x 750 cm,OA 7322 Brussels around 1528-1533 After Bernaert van Orley. Hunting dinner.


    A Vienna coffeehouse at the beginning of the 19th. Patrons play chess, read newspapers, an Armenian merchant watches the chess players. Armenians seem to have made coffee popular in Vienna.


    Le concert champetre - An open-air concert. Oil on canvas 105 x 136.5 cm Inv. 71


    L'excursioniste (The excursionist) Oil on canvas, c.1888 61.5 x 50 cm


    Dejeuner sur l'herbe Oil on canvas (1863) Inv. RF 1668


    Kenro and his wife in their garden. Thebes, tomb of Neferronpe, also called Kenro,No.178 Period of Ramses II (1291-1225 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & descibed by Nina M.Davies; plate XCIV


    Bal du moulin de la Galette, Montmartre Oil on canvas, 1876 131 x 175 cm R.F. 2739


    The Party in the Country. Oil Cat. 136


    Father Magloire on the road between Saint-Clair and Etretat, also called Monet in Etretat, 1884 Canvas, 128 x 80 cm 128 x 80 cm


    Two couples in a summer triclimium. Wallpainting from Pompeii, Italy Inv. 9015


    The Cafe Griensteidl, on Michaelerplatz, abode and home to Vienna's literati around the turn of the century. Watercolour by R. Voelkel, 1897 Inv. 62.352


    L'automne - Fall. 1738. Canvas, 69cm x 89cm. INV. 5599


    Garden of the Cafe Groeppl in Hietzing am Platz, Vienna, 1943. Oil on fiberboard,80 x 99,8 cm Inv.72.381


    The chess-players, 1916 Canvas, 60 x 70,5 cm


    Belgrade:The cafe Zara ,the historic coffeehouse in which the murder of Habsburg Archduke Franz Ferdinand was first conceived, is a cosy place and now no center for sinister plotting.


    View of the Riviera di Chiaia towards Posillipo, Naples, Italy. Canvas; early 19th century.


    Table de jeu figurant un hippopotame - Game board in the form of a hippopotamus. Late period. Each player had 29 pawns, to be stuck into the holes, some holes allow the player to move forward, others are traps - the goal was to be the dirst to reach the end, Blue faience, H: 7,4cm, L:18 cm Inv. E 3043


    Baigneurs (The bathers) Oil on canvas, 1890-92 60 x 82 cm R.F. 1965-3


    Madame Ginoux at the Cafe de la Gare in Arles, 1888 Oil on canvas, 72 x 92 cm Cat. W 305

    40-12-06/ 7

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