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    Liegender weiblicher Akt mit gespreizten Beinen (Reclining female nude with legs spread)1914. Gouache and pencil, 30,4 x 47,2 cm

    39-16-04/ 8

    Portrait of Shah Abbas I,Isfahan,Iran,March 12,1627 with one of his concubines in the garden. Ink,colours and gold on paper,25,5 x 15 cm

    03-04-01/ 8

    Woman nursing a child; a servant holds a mirror and a crayon of khol. 19th-20th dynasty,1285-1069 BCE. Limestone, ochre, H:11,7 cm Inv. E 25333

    08-01-21/ 8

    The Narbonne Altar: Christ taken prisoner, mocked, crown of thorns, crucifixion, entombment, resurrection. Black ink on silk (1375) 77.5 x 286 cm

    40-11-04/ 2

    Battle of Anghiari (1440). 45,1 x 64 cm INV 20271 recto Brown ink,black stone,brush,pen,hightened with gouache and lead white.Inspired by Leonardo's mural begun in 1505 in the Hall of the Fivehundred in the Palazzo Vecchio.


    Dancing girl. Limestone ostracon of irregular shape, 17th Dynasty (16th BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt. Size 16.8 x 10.5 cm Collection Drovetti - Cat. 7052


    Liegender Halbakt nach links - Female nude,turned left. 1912/13 Pencil,pen and red crayon,56 x 37 cm

    39-16-02/ 6

    Zwei Maedchen (Two girls) - Liebendes Paar (Lovers) 1914, Gouache and pencil, 31 x 48 cm


    Praying Hands (study). Point of brush and black ink,heightened with white, on blue prepared paper, 1508 29x 19,7 cm


    Sitzendes nacktes Maedchen mit ueber dem Kopf verschraenkten Armen (seated nude girl with arms crossed over her head), 1911. Watercolour and pencil, 48,2 x 31,4 cm D 927


    Deux cavaliers combattant un dragon;un cavalier et deux chevaux;un chien et un cheval. Plume et encre brune, lavis gris.Traces de sanguine,19,2 x 12,3 cm,recto. Collection Edmond der Rothschild,INV 781 D.R.


    A nightmare leaving two sleeping women, 1810 Pen and wash

    39-16-05/ 9

    Bearer of the demon's head, 10th century. A Persian representation of the constellation Perseus, who holds the head of Medusa, in accordance with the myth. From the star catalogue of the Persian astronomer Al-Sufi. It is shown in double aspect in order to show it as seen from the earth and reversed as on a star-globe.

    03-06-03/ 4

    Akt mit gruenen Struempfen - Nude with green stockings, 1918. Gouache and black crayon, 29,2 x 45,8 cm


    Young girl blowing into the fire of an oven. Ostracon. Painting on pottery (11th-8th BCE), 3rd Intermediate Period, Egypt. 15 x 20 cm Inv. 1894

    08-01-10/ 4

    Meeting of the Congress of Vienna,1814/15: The Congress of Vienna under the Leadership of Clemens Wenzel Lothar Prince von Metternich (1814-15) Sepia drawing In the autumn of 1814, diplomats and representatives of the European powers met at the Congress of Vienna. The Parisian court painter Jean Baptiste Isabey (1767-1855) traveled there as part of the French delegation and executed a portrait of 22 participants. On the left side of the drawing, Austrian Chancellor Metternich gestures toward the British Secretary of State, Viscount Robert Castlereagh (seated). Across from him sits Prussian Chancellor Karl August von Hardenberg (lower left corner). England's Duke of Wellington stands behind Hardenberg. On the right side the French diplomat Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord rests his right arm on the table. Prussia's Wilhlem von Humboldt stands second from the left. Count Rasoumoffsky, the representative of Czar Alexander I of Russia, appears near the center of the portrait; he stands before the lower left corner of the large portrait on the wall.


    Zwei Frauen in Umarmung [Two Women Embracing], 1911, Watercolor and pencil, 56 x 37 cm, D 885


    Christ on the Cross, around 1541. This drawing shows the crucified and living Christ with his head turned upwards to heaven. Two mourning angels hover in the sky below the arms of the cross. At the foot of the cross lies a skull to indicate the setting as Golgatha (The place of the skull in Hebrew). PD 1895-9-15-504

    33-01-09/ 5

    Nuda Veritas (Naked Truth), inscribed "Truth is Fire and to speak Truth is Shining and Burning". Study for a later oil painting. Pen and ink (1898) 41 x 10 cm


    The Arsenal. Detail of the Map of Venice (1500).


    Musician. Blue faience bowl (about 1300 BCE), 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt.


    Adam et Eve chassee du Paradis - Adam and Eve chased from paradise, copy after Masaccio. Red chalk


    La Vierge, l'enfant et Sainte Anne, un nu masculin, inscription d'apres un sonnet de Petrarque,vers 1502-06 Plume et encre brune,pierre noire,retouche avec une encre plus foncee, 32,4 x 26 cm INV 685 Saint Anne July 26th


    Two knights jousting. Drawing from the Fencing Book. Pen and ink


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