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    Evocations of famous composers, sciencists, discoverers and historical figures.

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    Kaplan Turbine, invented by Victor Kaplan (1876-1934).


    "La Pascaline", calculating machine constructed by Blaise Pascal, and technical drawings.

    24-01-02/ 4

    The Puy de Dome experiment by which Pascal proved that air pressure depends on height: "De la pesanteur de la masse d'air" - on the weight of air",653.

    24-01-02/ 5

    "Les Granges" (the barns) near the Abbey of Port Royal Des Champs where B. Pascal wrote most of his religious works. On the table his books and some of his writings of the time.

    24-01-02/ 8

    Manuscripts of Johannes Kepler's "Rudolphine Tables" and his "Dioptrice" on the printing press. Printing Press: Technisches Museum, Vienna Manuscripts: Vienna National Library


    Interior of Waisenhauskirche on Rennweg in Vienna. Here, in the presence of Empress Maria Theresia, in 1768,the 12-year-old Mozart conducted his first mass.The score lists a "warlike trumpet" among the instruments.


    The Vienna Woods where Franz Schubert and his friends used to hike or drive in a simple, open cart. Der Wienerwald, in dem Franz Schubert und seine Freunde wanderten, oder mit einem einfachen, offenen Leiterwagen Spazierfahrten unternahmen.


    Grounds around house in Zelazowa Wola, Poland, where Frederic Chopin was born in 1810.


    Corridor in the Abbey of Valdemosa, Mallorca, where George Sand and her lover Frederic Chopin lived through the rainy winter of 1838.


    Two coaches from the 1850s, in a courtyard in Paris, marking a last meeting between the estranged lovers George Sand and Frederic Chopin.


    Piano by Johann Jacob Koenicke (1796, Vienna). Joseph Haydn used to play the instrument in his appartment in Gumpendorf (now Haydngasse 19), Vienna, during the last years of his life.


    In 1809,Napoleon's armies occupied Vienna.The court had fled,but Haydn stayed in his house in Gumpendorf. The French put a guard of honour in front of the old composer's house and a French cavalry officer paid a visit to sing the aria "Mit Wuerd und Hoheit angetan" from Haydn's "Creation".


    Vacuum pump used by Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) for his scientific experiments in electricity.


    The Anisson-Duperon printing press which printed the First French Republic's first promissory notes. Benjamin Franklin's son bought the press for 8 Guineas.


    The special edition of the London Gazette of June 22, 1815, reporting the victory, on June 18th, over Napoleon I. and mentioning that Major Henry Percy carried the dispatch from Fieldmarshal the Duke of Wellington.


    Frantiskovy Lazne (Franzensbad), bench in the park.


    Pharmacy Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Products of the pharmacy, both pharmaceutical and cosmetic, are still sold in the traditional wrappings and bottles.


    Astronomical instrument (ca. 1500) used at the Collegium Maius (Old University) at Cracow when Nicolas Copernicus studied there.


    Courtyard of the bishop's palace, Heilsberg, Poland. Nicolas Copernicus worked many years as secretary to his uncle, Bishop Watzelrode of Ermland, in this small bishopric.


    Cloister at Trinity College where Sir Isaac Newton made many experiments on the reverberation of sound.


    Laboratory of Carl Auer von Welsbach, chemist (1858-1929), inventor of the Auer Gas Lamp which is still in use today. The lamp contains the Auer Stocking, made of rare earths.


    "La Pascaline", calculating machine constructed by Blaise Pascal, and technical drawings.

    24-01-02/ 2

    Courtyard of "Les Granges" (the barns) of Port Royal Des Champs, with a well for which Pascal invented and constructed the windlass.


    Chapel of Port Royal des Champs where Pascal lived through the mystic experience of the 40 steps in 1654 which he recorded in "le Memorial".


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