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    Evocations of famous composers, sciencists, discoverers and historical figures.

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    Nicolas Copernicus' treatise "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium libri sex". Library of the Collegium Maius


    Octagonal room, Greenwich Observatory: instruments used during Isaac Newton's time. The prime meridian, represented by a green line painted on the floor, runs through this room.


    Interior of an atomic reactor, the glow of the "Tscherenkov blue", and Albert Einstein's formula E=mc 2.


    Pierre Corneille's library in Rouen, France.

    24-01-02/ 3

    Room in which Kepler died in 1630. His writing desk, his last letter about his instruments which served as his last will and testament, his globe, and other personal effects.


    Nicolas Copernicus' treatise "De Revolutionibus Orbium Coelestium libri sex". Library of the Collegium Maius.


    Woolthorpe Cemetery,where Newton used to sit in the years 1665/66 when the plague prevented him from attending classes in Cambridge."In those days I was in the prime of my age for invention.." Newton wrote late in life.


    Organ in the church of Liechtenthal where Schubert used to play. On the organ table a Haydn manuscript.

    25-01-02/ 7

    Writing table in George Sand and Frederic Chopin's apartment in Valdemosa, where the couple spent a rainy winter in 1838.


    Small garden with cacti in the Carthusian Abbey of Valdemosa, where George Sand and her lover Frederic Chopin spent the winter of 1838.


    Organ in the private chapel of the Esterhazy Palace. Joseph Haydn used it while he was music director of the princes Esterhazy.


    Joseph Haydn's room in his house in Eisenstadt, Austria. A livery coat of Esterhazy servants on the chair. Haydn wore such livery while he was music master at the Court of the princes Esterhazy.


    Upon his return from London,Haydn brought with him a double-piano.In the background a bust of Emperor Franz I.,contemporary of Haydn and for whom he wrote the "Emperor Quartet",part of which became the Austrian Imperial anthem, later and at present the German anthem.


    In 1809,Napoleon's armies occupied Vienna.The court had fled,but Haydn stayed in his house in Gumpendorf. The French put a guard of honour in front of the old composer's house and a French cavalry officer paid a visit to sing the aria "Mit Wuerd und Hoheit angetan" from Haydn's "Creation".


    The score of Haydn's horn concerto with his annotation: "Written in my sleep" and a miniature medallion (watercolour on ivory), with the composer's portrait.


    Models which served in Benjamin Franklin's lightening rod experiments: bottle (second from right)is a stencil plate; the other three objects were part of the "storm- house" demonstration to show the efficiency of the lightening rod.


    The farmhouse of Hougemont near Waterloo was the center of the decisive battle on June 18,1815. The farmhouse changed hands several times until the final victory of Generals Wellington and Bluecher over Napoleon I.


    Baden near Vienna, "Frauenbad" (Women's bath), changing rooms, 1821.


    Bagni di Lucca, a broken mirror in the casino, once the center of international high society.


    Astronomical instruments (about 1500) used at the Collegium Maius (old university) when Nicolas Copernicus was a student there , in Cracow, Poland.

    24-01-01/ 8

    In this amphitheatre demonstrations in anatomy were made as early as about 1500. Anantomical instruments on the table.


    Gravitation field experiment illustrating Albert Einstein's theory of gravitation.


    In a Wilson Chamber, plutonium alpha particles are given off as the air is saturated under extremes of hot and cold. This experiment proves that energy is loss of matter.


    A model of an early sewing-machine invented by Joseph Madersperger, 1768-1850, the son of a tailor.


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