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    Evocations of famous composers, sciencists, discoverers and historical figures.

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    Albert Einstein's desk in the patent-office where he prepared his Theory of Relativity. Bern, Switzerland


    Albert Einstein's study at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, USA, where he spent his last years.


    Experiment conducted in a train to determine one of the Theories of Relativity which concerns direct uniform motion.


    Swinging chandelier in the Cathedral of Pisa. In 1583 Galilei conceived the idea of pendulous motion while looking at this chandelier.


    The manuscript of the world's most famous Christmas song "Silent Night,Holy Night" on the desk of composer and school teacher Franz Gruber in his house in Hallein near Salzburg,Austria.


    Stage curtain in the Staendetheater (now Tyl Theatre), where the first perfomance of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" took place in 1787. Prague, Czech Republic.


    Frederic Chopin ordered this Pleyel piano to be sent to him at the Abbey of Valdemosa, Mallorca. The piano arrived three weeks before Chopin left Spain, too ill to stay on the island.


    Late afternoon in Frederic Chopin's cell in Valdemosa, where he and George Sand spent a rainy winter in 1838.


    A carriage in front of entrance of George Sand's manor house in Nohant, France, where Chopin spent many summers resting and composing.


    Two coaches from the 1850s, in a courtyard in Paris, marking the last meeting between the estranged lovers George Sand and Frederic Chopin.


    Concert hall in the Razumovsky Palace, site of the first performance of the Razumovsky Quartets by Ludwig von Beethoven.


    The "Bruckner organ",built by Kriesmann, 1770. Composer Anton Bruckner (1824-1896) came to Sankt Florian as a choir-boy at age 13, and rose to be the monastery's organist from 1848 to 1857.With many of the monastery's abbots,Bruckner is buried in the crypt below the organ.


    Palace of the princes Esterhazy in Eszterhaza, now Fertoed, Hungary. Entrance gate in the foreground. Joseph Haydn and the prince's orchestra used to spend the summer in Eszterhaza and return to Eisenstadt in autumn.


    Richard Wagner came to Paris in September 1891 for the Paris firstnight of his "Lohengrin". Newspapers attacked him violently for his "bad music" and for having been a German nationalist 20 years previously. Wagner's glasses and a letter to the Princess of Saxe.


    The Proust family's country house near Chartres. Poet Marcel Proust spent his childhood there and described the house in the first volumes of "A la Recherche du Temps perdu". Marcel Proust's room.


    Proust's "American Notebooks," with manuscript pages from his novel "A la Recherche du Temps Perdu."


    Copies of instruments used by Nicolas Copernicus for his observations in the courtyard of the monastery of Frauenburg (Frombork), Poland.


    The refectory hall of Trinity College.


    Dining-room at the Greenwich observatory where Sir Isaac Newton often went to visit the director, Edmond Halley, the first person to observe the comet today called Halley's Comet.


    Plexiglass model of the U-235 atom in action constructed for the Union Carbide Corporation of New York, U.S.A.


    Clock illustrating Albert Einstein's theory of the speed of light and relativity. Theory says that time is relative, the only absolute is the speed of light.


    Galileo Galilei's workroom with his table and a globe. Sentenced to seclusion by the Inquisition in Rome, he returned to his house near Florence where he wrote the "Discorsi".


    Peter Anich (1723-1766). Oil portrait. Map of Northern Tyrol with globes, spheres, and instruments.


    Construction of the Semmering Railroad Line. First European mountain railroad across the Semmering pass in Lower Austria, by Carl Ritter von Ghega (1802-1860).


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