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    Evocations of famous composers, sciencists, discoverers and historical figures.

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    Chateau de Nohant, home of French romantic writer George Sand (1804-1876). When Napoleon III made himself Emperor, the liberal Sand retired to Nohant for good. The boudoir, in the background the desk on which she wrote the novel "Indiana."


    Sir Isaac Newton's study in Trinity College,Cambridge. his desk and chair;manuscripts,Napiers' Bones, a prism and other instruments.


    Tower of Pisa, the high platform and two stone balls of approximately the same size as those used by Galilei for his experiments on the free fall. In the background the Cathedral of Pisa.


    The apartment in Kettenbrueckengasse, Vienna, where Franz Schubert died in 1828. His reading glasses lie on the manuscript "Die Taubenpost" (Carrier-pigeons' Mail), the last of his Lieder.


    Memorabilia of Ludwig van Beethoven: a gold medal of Louis XVIII, Beethoven's soup ladle and spoon, his hearing aid, a walking stick, and a conductor's baton.


    The hall in the Imperial Foreign Office,now the Chancellery,where the Congress of Vienna met 1814/15 after the defeat of Napoleon I. Austria

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    La Vallee aux Loups, house in which writer and statesman Francois-Rene Vicomte de Chateaubriand lived from 1807-1818. Mme de Recamier was a frequent visitor. The "Recamiere," divan on which J.-J. David painted Mme Recamier.


    Blaise Pascal's desk with facsimile of his "Apologie de la religion chretienne" (Defense of the Christian Faith), one of his most important writings.


    Pleyel piano with manuscript of Frederic Chopin's "La Berceuse." Square d' Orleans, Paris, where Frederic Chopin lived on one side of the courtyard and his lover, writer George Sand, on the other.


    Concert hall in the Razumovsky Palace, site of the first performance of the Razumovsky Quartets by Ludwig van Beethoven.


    The "Louisiana Purchase" treaty, by which France sold the Overseas Territory to the United States. Signed April 30, 1803. In the background a map of the City of New Orleans.

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    The Mathematical Bridge,over a canal of the river Cam, calculated by Sir Isaac Newton.The bridge is stabilized by tension and has no nails. Trinity College, Cambridge, England


    Tower of Pisa, the high platform with bell and two stone balls of approximately the same size as those used by Galilei for his experiments on the free fall. In the background the Cathedral of Pisa.


    Room in which Frederic Chopin was born in 1810. His mother's harpsichord - on desk, young Chopin's violin, on the wall a portrait of Nicolas Chopin, the composer's father.


    Apartment in Warsaw where Frederic Chopin (1810-1849) lived with his parents around 1830. On the table the manuscript of Chopin's Concerto in E minor


    Writing desk in George Sand's study in Nohant, a pencil sketch of Frederic Chopin by Eugene Delacroix and the manuscript of George Sand's popular novel "Spiridion"


    Frederic Chopin's death mask and a plaster cast of his hand, on a table in the apartment where he died of tuberculosis in 1849. The Vendome column outside the window is reflected in the mirror.


    Manuscript of Ludwig van Beethoven's Third Symphony "Eroica" and his hearing aid, an ear trumpet. Manuskript von Beethovens Dritter Symphonie, der "Eroica", und das Hoerrohr des Komponisten.


    Room with piano in the house of his brother in Gneixendorf where Ludwig van Beethoven spent his last summer.


    Giuseppe Verdi's room at the Hotel Milan with his table, his playing cards, and a telegram.


    Entrance gate and palace of the princes Esterhazy in Eszterhaza, now Fertoed, Hungary. Joseph Haydn and the prince's orchestra used to spend the summer in Eszterhaza and return to Eisenstadt in autumn.


    Musical scores and first editions of Mozart's works: a piano concerto dedicated to Louis-Ferdinand of Prussia by Constanze Mozart; autographs of the Freemasons' cantata and the d-minor piano concerto.


    Autograph of Schubert's Symphony in C-major ("Die grosse C-Dur") together with Schubert's dedication to the Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Society of the Friends of Music).


    Johannes Brahm's personal library, bequeathed to the Vienna Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde.


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