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    Anthropology, Archaeology, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geography, Mathematics, Physics etc.

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    Hall of the Imperial Diet in Regensburg.In 1613 Kepler upon imperial order,asked the delegates to replace the Julian Calender with the Gregorian.The Protestant's refusal to adopt the new reckoning,left Germany with two different calendars for almost 100 years.


    The only torture chamber that still exists intact. On August 15th 1620 Kepler's mother was accused of being a witch . He wrote several letters in her defense and finally saved her from the torture chamber by appealing to Emperor Matthias.


    Atlas of the World,after Ptolemy,Ulm edition. German engravings,1486. See also 15-04-02/59,the bust of Ptolemy on a choirstall in Ulm Cathedral.Ptolemy was much admired by German Hunmanists.


    Triumphal Arch ('Ehrenpforte') for Emperor Maximilian I. Dated 1515. Detail of 33-02-02/65. Woodcut. The Betrothal of Maximilian with Mary of Burgundy (Burgundian Marriage).


    The Alchemist (1634).


    The Astronomer. Oil on canvas (1668) 51.5 x 45.5 cm RF 1983-28


    A la veille de l'examen. Evening before the examination. Canvas (1895) 39 x 55.5 cm R.F. 1193

    40-06-03/ 9

    Technical drawing, Codex Madrid I, folio 157 recto.


    The muse Urania. From the Chambre des Muses, Louvre, Paris. Wood, 116 x 74 cm INV. 8059

    40-11-11/ 6

    Before the operation. Dr. Jules Emile Pean explains his new technique of artery-clamping. Oil on canvas (1887) 242 x 188 cm DO 1986-20


    Albert Einstein,1921. Above Wulfart's signature, Einstein wrote: "Gut gemalt in kurzer Frist - das Modell zufrieden ist" (Well painted in a short time - the model is pleased) Drawing and wash.


    The Alchemist, 1770 Canvas,80,2 x 106 cm


    Sir Alexander Fleming, Scottish biologist and pharmacologist, who discovered penicillin in 1928. Canvas, 622 x 749mm; 1944. NPG L232


    Claude F. Bragdon: "The Chap Book, a semi-monthly magazine". USA, around 1898. Lithograph, 54 x 35cm. This sketch reveals Bragdon's interest in astrology and classical schemes of proportion, issues that he would later deal with in his theoretical books on art.


    Doctor bleeding a patient. Red-figured arybalos (5th BCE), called the Peytel Arybalos. Height 8.5 cm CA 2138


    Aristotle, Greek philosopher(384-322 BCE) Marble Inv. I 246


    Prince Vladimir loads carts with food and drink for distribution to the sick and the handicapped. Prince Vladimir offers a banquet to his droujina in 996. From the Radziwill Chronicle, an early history of Russia. Page 70 v., 612 miniatures, late 15th

    15-02-02/ 9

    The masters lodge at Trinity College. Next to the fireplace a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton, Master of the college.


    Room where Albert Einstein lived and completed his Theory of Relativity in Berne,Switzerland. His favorite pass-time was playing Mozart's music on the violin.


    Einstein's theory of Relativity: there is no absolute time. Time is a function of the movement of planets. No interval of time is independent of the system to which it is referred. A clock attached to any moving system runs at a different time from a stationary clock


    Galileo Galilei's room in Florence, with his astronomical instruments


    Paracelsus (Teophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim) (1493-1541), physician and philosopher. Contempory copy of a lost original. Oil on wood, 92 x 54 cm RF 1730


    Galileo Galilei, astronomer (1564-1642). Canvas, 57 x 40 cm Inv. 7976


    Boethius,De consolatione philosophiae(French trans- lation by Jean de Meung,see Roman de la Rose). France,15th MS 3045,fol.3. Boethius in his prison visited by the Muses.


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